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Archive for September 22nd, 2018

If you use Session Buddy, you might want to reconsider: it only saves the session infrequently

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/22

I was shocked reading [WayBack] An alternative to Session Buddy: “Tabs Backup & Restore” · Issue #742 · deanoemcke/thegreatsuspender · GitHub: the save frequency is about 1 per browser restart. Which is quite odd when you use it to protect against tabs messing up (it happens, right when you do not expect it, after which a “Restore” by chrome fails too).

So after years of using

[] Session Buddy – Chrome Web Store: Manage Browser Tabs and Bookmarks with Ease

I have switched away to

[WayBack] Tabs Backup & Restore – Chrome Web Store: With ‘Tabs Backup & Restore’ you will never lose your work again! Backup an entire Chrome session (windows and tabs).


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