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G+ shutting down; where to go now?

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/26

Take out your data!

Before doing anything else: take out your data, especially the G+ data at, then download at


  1. export JSON, not HTML
  2. export often to get a feel for wat works fails
  3. download what works over time, then post-process it
  4. remember a download might be available only a week or so
  5. data is incomplete
  6. many platforms cannot (yet?) import G+ JSON

Think about a Google exit strategy

An excellent post on this is [WayBack] The Google Exit Strategy – alexreusch which I found via:

It looks like having a blog with a commenting system is not such a bad starting point at all…

Moving from G+

I have no really good idea where to go from G+. The sunset feels a lot like Google Reader, after which I switched to Feedly, which works pretty well, Wave and Inbox.

There is a [WayBack] Petition · Google, Inc: Don’t Shut Down Google Plus ·, but if memory serves well, that did not help much for the other discontinued products.

So before in 9 months G+ ends up in Category:Discontinued Google services – Wikipedia, I am contemplating about alternatives.

Suddenly very relevant is the 2014 comic [WayBack] xkcd 1361: Google Announcement / [WayBack] 1361: Google Announcement – explain xkcd on the right (via [WayBack] XKCD 1361 – Kristian Köhntopp – Google+).

You can register your migration at the [WayBack] Google Plus Migration Directory Form form which will end up in [WayBack] Google Plus Migration Directory (Responses) – Google Sheets (via [WayBack] I made a form that will generate a spreadsheet with anyone’s information and destinations. Email field was added so you could edit your responses, but t… – John Lewis – Google+)

Your email will not end up in the migration directory, see [WayBack] Does Google collect survey participant’s email address? – Google Product Forums

What next?

I might just scale down to interactions at my blog, meaning I will be far less active.

Some links suggesting alternatives are below.

Things I will not go to (though I do have accounts for them) as primary form of interaction:

  • Facebook (privacy second)
  • Twitter, Mastodon, Diaspora (hard/impossible to moderate)
  • Self hosting (no thanks GDPR)
  • Minds (too much blockchain crap)
  • Dreamwidth (no 2FA)

Things I might try:

  • Discourse
  • Friendica
  • Hubzilla
  • Pluspora
  • MeWe (though public posts are only visible when logged in, so not indexed in search engines, and a startup backed up by venture capital might not be a smart idea)
  • Open-Book

Need to further read these:



[WayBack] Join me at MeWe – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+ 

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