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A repository with a hierarchy or modules referencing each other might not be a good idea

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/20

When creating a library of libraries where the libraries use parts of the other libraries creates a mess when organised as a repository with subrepositories having other subrepositories.

It might be better to have one big repository containing a suite of functionality. This is why darkThreading became part of darkGlass: [WayBack] Why no git submodules for the libraries it depends on? · Issue #1 · chapmanworld/darkThreading · GitHub:

You might want to maintain that suite as one big versioned repository, with a different means of structuring it than a tree of submodules. That way you can keep the more complex interdependencies between the parts you have now.

Example of the mess: [WayBack] Duplicate submodules with Git – Stack Overflow


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