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Run cmd as elevated user (via: windows – How to run batch file command with elevated permissions? – Super User)

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/03/13

Based on [WayBack] windows – How to run batch file command with elevated permissions? – Super User:

powershell -command "Start-Process cmd.exe -Verb runas"

This works better than "runas /user:administrator cmd.exe" as that forces to use the specific Administrator account, whereas the PowerShell way allows you to specify the actual account during elevation.

You can extend this to run a command with one or more parameters based on [WayBack] Launch Elevated CMD.exe from Powershell – Stack Overflow (thanks [WayBack] mklement0):

powershell -command "Start-Process cmd.exe -Verb runas -Args /k, call, goto-bin"

This will actually pass “call goto-bin” to cmd.exe which tries to execute the “goto-bin” command (which I have around on the PATH as goto-bin.bat).

You can either use comma-separated parameters or a quoted string. In this expansion, comma-separated is easier in this PowerShell construct.


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