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Archive for April 8th, 2019

Adobe Acrobat Reader – Content Preparation Progress window

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/08

I hope this gets rid of the content preparation progress window:

Disable the screen reader options in Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Within Adobe Acrobat, go to “Edit > Preferences > Reading”
  2. Locate the “Screen Reader Options” section.
  3. In the ‘Page vs Document’ dropdown box choose “Only read the currently visible pages”, and uncheck “Confirm before tagging documents”.


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Research list: machine sometimes not visible on LAN

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/08

When one of the machine isn’t active for a while it seems to disappear. Even when it’s active some of the machines have intermittent errors pinging it as like every 10-30 seconds one of these ping results appear:

92 bytes from tl-er5120 ( Redirect Host(New addr:
Vr HL TOS  Len   ID Flg  off TTL Pro  cks      Src      Dst
 4  5  00 0054 05de   0 0000  40  01 644d

Sometimes even a simple

Request timeout for icmp_seq 6900

So I need to dig into  ICMP “Redirect Host” .

It might be a simple ARP thing like mac mini – Why the different results for ping? Or why is the Time Capsule getting involved? – Ask Different [WayBack] but like usual stuff I bump into is of a more complex kind so I’ve archived at least these:


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Ich brauch gerade mal Nachhilfe in uBlock Syntax. Wo kann man Beispiele lese…

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/08

For my link archive:

On uBlock, uMatrix, Personal Blocklist, Google Chrome Site Settings and others.


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