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Archive for April 29th, 2019

osx lion – osx change printer ip address without adding new printer – Super User

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/29

From [WayBack] osx lion – osx change printer ip address without adding new printer – Super User:


Is there a way to change a printer’s IP address in OSX (Lion) without having to add a new printer? I did find Printer IP Remedy, but was curious if there was an ‘official’ method.


You can do this in the CUPS web interface with the following steps:

  1. Open and run cupsctl WebInterface=yes. This enables the CUPS web interface
  2. Open in your web browser
  3. Click on the printer you want to change. From the “Administration” drop down, select “Modify Printer”.
  4. Log in with your local admin account
  5. Select the new printer IP either from “Discovered Network Printers” or add it manually with “Other Network Printers”. Make sure that you keep the same connection protocol as it says in “Current Connection” (for me, this was LPD).

Once you’re done with this, Mac OS X will directly print to the new IP address. There is no need to reboot or so. If you want to disable the CUPS web interface again, run cupsctl WebInterface=no.

The CUPS solution works splendid in MacOS as well, so there was no need for [] Printer IP Remedy 1.3 free download for Mac | MacUpdate.

Without the CUPS web interface enabled, the web-interface at looks like this:

Web Interface is Disabled

The web interface is currently disabled. Run “cupsctl WebInterface=yes” to enable it.

After enabling it like the CUPS web interface wit cupsctl WebInterface=yes, you can see I have the same printer configured multiple times with different communication protocols and output languages:


Search in Printers:

Showing 6 of 6 printers.

Queue Name Description Location Make and Model Status
OKI_MC342_36855D OKI-MC342-PSO-36855D Office MC342-AirPrint Idle
OKI_MC342_36855D_PCL OKI-MC342-36855D PCL 1060NP-Office Generic PCL Laser Printer Idle
OKI_MC342_IPP OKI-MC342-IPP Office Generic PostScript Printer Idle
OKI_MC342_LPR OKI-MC342-LPR Office Generic PostScript Printer Idle

The first two printers were mapped by DNS, but the last two were mapped by IP address.

Changing the IP address was simple:

  1. Click on each link
  2. Select “Modify printer”
  3. Authenticate (only needed for the first printer change)
  4. For IPP: note the current address (like ipp://, then
    1. Choose “Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) “
    2. Click “Continue”
    3. Enter the correct ipp://…./ address (help is at or
    4. Click “Continue”
    5. Check the modifications (optionally change Description/Location)
    6. Click “Continue”
    7. Keep the driver
    8. Click “Modify printer”
  5. For LPD, note the current address (like lpd://, then follow the IPP steps, but choose “LPD/LPR Host or Printer” and enter a valid lpd address.

This is also the place where you can change “Default options”, like paper size (which – for all but the first – somehow defaulted to US Letter 11 inch, while it is actually filled with A4 paper).

At the end, disable the web interface: cupsctl WebInterface=no.



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LSI 9260-8i: all disks are “Unconfigured bad”

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/29

This is the second time in about 6 years that somehow after an ESXi reboot all of the drives on an LSI 9260-8i controller got into the state “Unconfigured bad”.

The trick to solve this is to:

  1. go into the WebBIOS of the LSI card
  2. mark all drives as “Unconfigured good”
  3. rescan for devices
  4. import the existing configuration
  5. reboot

More in depth steps with images:


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lamw/ghettoVCB: ghettoVCB

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/29

I found out that I had some very old draft notes below, but since then the source has moved to github: lamw/ghettoVCB: ghettoVCB.

Since I find VIB easier to use than the Offline Bundle (for differences see [WayBackVIB vs. Offline Bundle and [WayBack] VMware Front Experience: ESXi Community Packaging Tools) these are the VIB steps to get it installed:

  1. Download
  2. Put it in the /tmp directory on your ESXi box (using for instance FileZilla, WinSCP, SCP or other tools)
  3. Install it using esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/vghetto-ghettoVCB.vib -f

Then use it to make backups or restores as described at:

Note that contrary to the documentation, the config file has moved to /etc/ghettovcb/ghettoVCB.conf.

Because of Keeping your root visorfs clean: point the path to your own binaries stored on a vmfs volume I’m using a copy of that stored in my local-bin directory (which is backed-up by rsync to another disk) and a small bootstrap script referencing that config-file, so the backup command for one command now is this: -m diaspore.opensuse-Tumbleweed-x64

or this for all VMs (about 2 hours from NVME SSD to HDD; will probably make this a 2 stage thing): -a

VMs are backed-up under the directory specified in VM_BACKUP_VOLUME(below that’s ./) in a schema like this:


In the future, I might move to an NFS based back-up based on these links:


Very old notes:



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50 jaar na eerste maanlanding: ‘Het was magisch’ – Omroep West

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/29

[WayBack] 50 jaar na eerste maanlanding: ‘Het was magisch’ – Omroep West

Het is zo’n moment in de geschiedenis, waarvan iedereen nog precies weet waar hij of zij was: de landing van de eerste mens op de maan. Dit jaar is het het precies vijftig jaar geleden dat de wereld aan de buis gekluisterd zat om die eerste stappen live te zien. Space Expo in Noordwijk staat daarom het hele jaar in het teken van die eerste maanlanding, ook tijdens de voorjaarsvakantie.

Gratis toegang voor wie 50 wordt

Ze verwacht dat er over tien jaar misschien wel weer een missie naar de maan zal zijn. Om de eerste maanlanding te vieren, mag iedereen die dit jaar 50 wordt het hele jaar gratis naar binnen bij Space Expo.

Leuk verjaarsevenement (:

Via: [] Omroep West on Twitter: “Iedereen dit jaar 50 wordt, mag het hele jaar gratis naar binnen bij @Spaceexpo”


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Commodore 1965 logo design by late Chris Yaneff from Canada

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/29

The original logo of Commodore International – Wikipedia, via a few sources including:

Jack Tramiel eventually left Commodore International, bought the Atari parts and moved on.

Commodore International died on my birthday at April 29, 1994.

I think the logo is still a wonderful design.

More historic information on the logo and Chris – he was a great designer:

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