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python multithreading wait till all threads finished

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/04

A great tip from [WayBack] python multithreading wait till all threads finished:

ou need to use join method of Thread object in the end of the script.

t1 = Thread(target=call_script, args=(scriptA + argumentsA))
t2 = Thread(target=call_script, args=(scriptA + argumentsB))
t3 = Thread(target=call_script, args=(scriptA + argumentsC))



Thus the main thread will wait till t1t2 and t3 finish execution.

I’ve used a similar construct that’s used by the multi-threading code I posted a few ways ago (on Passing multiple parameters to a Python method: the * tag) in the ThreadManager class below.

But first some of the other links that helped me getting that code as it is now:


class ThreadManager:
    def __init__(self):
        self.threads = []

    def append(self, *threads):
        for thread in threads:

    def runAllToCompletion(self):
        ## The loops are the easiest way to run one methods on all entries in a list; see
        # First ensure everything runs in parallel:
        for thread in self.threads:
        # Then wait until all monitoring work has finished:
        for thread in self.threads:
        # here all threads have finished

def main():
    ## ...
        UrlMonitorThread(monitor, "http://%s" % targetHost),
        SmtpMonitorThread(monitor, targetHost, 25),
        SmtpMonitorThread(monitor, targetHost, 587),
        SshMonitorThread(monitor, targetHost, 22),
        SshMonitorThread(monitor, targetHost, 10022),
        SshMonitorThread(monitor, targetHost, 20022))



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