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C# (and presumably Delphi): why parameterless record constructors are absent

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/12

For my link archive.

Full text at: [WayBack] … why the Delphi language does not allow parameterless constructors… – David Heffernan – Google+


+Stefan Glienke deleted his post about parameterless record constructors, presumably due to all the off topic comments.

.net at CLR level does allow parameterless constructors on structs. But the C# language bans them:

Jon Skeet posted an answer on SO way back in 2008 on this topic: From that answer:

The CLR allows value types to have parameterless constructors, but C# doesn’t. I believe this is because it would introduce an expectation that the constructor would be called when it wouldn’t. For instance, consider this:

MyStruct[] foo = new MyStruct[1000];


My guess is that Embarcadero decided to ban parameterless constructors on Delphi records for the same reason. Or perhaps they just copied the rules from C# without realising that the CLR supported parameterless struct constructors.



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