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Some links on SQL parsing

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/10/10

Sometimes you want the opposite of SQL generation (which most, if not all, ORMs do behind the scenes): SQL parsing.

Some links that should get me started:


2 Responses to “Some links on SQL parsing”

  1. thaddy said

    Examining the Freepascal sources is a good idea anyway and should be on your todo list:
    There are many gems to be found that are equally good for Delphi too.
    Some Delphi programmers tend to ignore this rich source of very high quality well maintained and well documented Object Pascal sourcecode.

  2. thaddy said

    You may also want to inspect the sources from the fcl-db package in Freepascal: contains a full (a.o.) Firebird compatible Sql parser, scanner and syntax tree.
    Can be made to compile in Delphi with little effort. And it is best in class.

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