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Waze “Isolated segment – all turns from it are closed” – Google Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/17

A blog entry since it was hard to find about [WayBack] “Isolated segment – all turns from it are closed” – Google Search as the source reveals not much: no explanation at [WayBack] wme-history/index.html at master · wazers/wme-history · GitHub (A repository containing the pretty-printed index and JavaScript files of the WME to investigate version differences – wazers/wme-history).

Same for [WayBack] “Added big junction” waze – Google Search and [WayBack] wme-history/index.html at master · wazers/wme-history · GitHub

Note that updates you make to the map can take a while to update to the actual live map (even after approval).

You can check at [WayBack] Waze Status for the latest updates.

I added a piece of road in between Thunstetten and Herzogenbugsee, but could not save it:

Luckily, Pieter-Jan van Strien helped me out on the Belgian/Dutch slack channel (follow to get an invite there).

More help links:

A few tips:

  1. Change your settings (for easy discoverability that button is not named: it’s the wheel) and check the first two items:

  2. It is easier to extend existing roads, and connecting it to another one, than adding new ones and connecting it to two roads.
  3. Clicking on a red arrow will automatically make it green, no need to select a Waze “voice prompt” notification:

  4. You can remove layers (like forests) by clicking the layers icon in the top right (forests are in the “venues” category)


My editing process

  1. Ditch the addition I made in the above edit
  2. Extend the road on the top right in the above topmost edit window
    (the road changes name in the middle of the forrest, hence I wanted to connect both in the middle).

    You can add new segments by dragging the small blue dots: they will become bigger dots called “geonode”, which is shorthand for “Geometry node” as you see in the below glossary terms.

  3. Extend the road in the bottom left

    You can drag an endpoint of one road over the endpoint of another road so both roads become connected.


  4.  Ensure the “red” arrows become green.
    1. The arrow on the bottom left road

    2. The arrow on the top right road

  5. After this, I named both roads and set speed limits, using the pane on the left.



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