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Archive for January 10th, 2020

UX design: doe geen pijltje onderaan een pagina als verder scrollen zinloos is

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/10

[WayBack] Jeroen Pluimers on Twitter: “Altijd handig zo’n pijltje onderaan de pagina die suggereert dat je nog niet klaar bent met lezen, maar niets blijkt te doen #mijnpensioenoverzicht user experience #fail‚Ķ”


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Commander One review: A superior alternative to Android File Transfer on Mac

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/10

On my list of software to try: [WayBack] Commander One review: A superior alternative to Android File Transfer on Mac

Via: [WayBack] Looks like a must-have for anyone using a Mac (with MacOS) and an Android phone. РRoderick Gadellaa РGoogle+


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Some people still don’t know they should apply the Crucial Firmware Update For Crucial m4 SSD BSOD

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/10

Luckily I was watching over the shoulder of a friend when his hung as it was a while ago I had encountered issues like that.

Sometimes the system would get in trouble without warning: the machine would just hang. No Windows Event log or other place where we could trace back the origin.

I suspected failing hardware because it was similar to other machines I had seen: memory, loose connectors or power issues came to mind first.

After about a week of trial and error I decided to check SMART status. HDTune did not warn of anything special. SmartCtl however did:

This drive may hang after 5184 hours of power-on time:,14544.html
See the following web pages for firmware updates:

The relevant links (I prefer the WayBack links as at times the site is very slow) are below.

After upgrading the firmware, the problems were gone.

version compatible products download
070H Crucial m4 2.5-inch (7mm & 9.5mm) SSD Windows¬ģ 7 Updater Application

[WayBack] download firmware

[WayBack] instruction guide

Windows¬ģ 8 Updater Application

[WayBack] download firmware

[WayBack] instruction guide

Manual Boot File for Windows and Mac¬ģ

[WayBack] download firmware

[WayBack] instruction guide

Release Date: 04/02/2013

Firmware 070H is recommended for anyone currently running 040H or previous firmware releases. It includes incremental improvements and refinements over these versions which may improve the overall user experience.

Like recent firmware versions, version 070H has improvements over versions 000F which are specific for Windows 8 and new UltraBook systems, although systems running Windows 7 and other operating systems may also see improvements. Any m4 firmware
version will function normally in Windows 8, even without these performance improvements.

The following is a summary of changes between 040H and 070H, which are independent of operating system:

  • Resolved a power-up timing issue that could result in a drive hang, resulting in an inability to communicate with the host computer. The hang condition would typically occur during power-up or resume from Sleep or Hibernate. Most often, a new
    power cycle will clear the condition and allow normal operations to continue. The failure mode has only been observed in factory test. The failure mode is believed to have been contained to the factory. This fix is being implemented for all new
    builds, for all form factors, as a precautionary measure. The fix may be implemented in the field, as desired, to prevent occurrence of this boot-time failure. To date, no known field returns have been shown to be related to this issue. A failure
    of this type would typically be recoverable by a system reset.

Additional details can be found in the firmware guide


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