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Archive for April 8th, 2020

Delphi: OldCreateOrder in inherited TDataModule might suddenly become True

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/08

Interesting observation that might have been in Delphi for more than a decade: [WayBack] Found something strange in Delphi again which I’ve been trying to fix for days until I discovered it’s probably a Delphi issue… – Stefaan Lesage – Google+.

I think the summary is that if you have inherited TDataModule instances, then the descendant will always have OldCreateOrder set to True.

It is reported as RAD StudioRSP-20016 TDatamodule.OldCreateOrder always resets to true on descendants, but it is present in at least Delphi 7, so likely is in the old QC database:

Uwe Raabe:
I can track this error down to Delphi 7 (really)! Cannot check Delphi 6, but Delphi 5 just doesn’t have that property.
The reason lies in TDataModule.ReadState where

FOldCreateOrder := not ModuleIsCPP;
is set.

These might be related:


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Common SMTP message size limits

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/08

After a 2018 discussion with a “zorgkantoor” (Dutch for office that arranges for special long term health care needs, successor of AWBZ) about their very low (10 megabyte) SMTP message size limit – even though they expect scanned PDF documents.

Their web-care team posed this limit as normal, so I made a list of limits in their peer group, common world-wide and well-ranked Dutch internet providers.

My plan is to check the progression of these limits over time.

Note these are the bruto message sizes including encoded attachments. Since encoding in [WayBack] MIME Base64 – Wikipedia has a overhead of at least 37% (encoded size is at least 1.37 the original size), the unencoded maximum size is less than 73% of what is listed below.



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