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Archive for April 16th, 2020

Some quick links on Korian in The Netherlands as they were/are? buying a maze construction of care companies that were on the edge of bankruptcy

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/16

A few quick notes, so I at least have some links.

According to the ACM decision PDF, BluePrint Group B.V. and it’s subsidiaries, including de Statenhof in Leiden, were on the verge of bankruptcy in January 2020, and the Korian SA owned structure is supposed to save them.

Edit 20200424

The central phone number of ECR the statenhof (+31883280110) did not get answered for a few days and has now been disconnected by the phone provider. The phone number now listed at Google is +31885057000 which gets you to Ontzorgd Wonen. When being transferred to the Statenhof, you consistently get an “in use” tone.

The old phone number is still listed in many places, like for instance [WayBack] and the email signatures of their personnel. The new phone number is also at [WayBack] De Statenhof Leiden | Wonen met zorg | Ontzorgd Wonen Groep.

Family relations of ECR de Statenhof

These lists are not complete, as I focus on ECR the Statenhof in oder to understand where it will be in a future structure.




Families around the new Korian owner





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Zelfbouw verlichting aansturen via Hue – Duurzame Energie & Domotica – GoT

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/16

On my research list: [WayBack] Zelfbouw verlichting aansturen via Hue – Duurzame Energie & Domotica – GoT.

via: [WayBack] Tweakers: Ikea komt met leddriver om geïntegreerde verlichting ‘slim’ te maken



PS: Lampen van de Action werken ook prima via Tuya. Met Google nest.

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LBS008AE and LBS005AE-R2, 10-100 Switches USB powered – Black Box

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/16

These are cool devices: the [WayBack] LBS008AE and LBS005AE-R2, 10-100 Switches USB powered – Black Box.

Both are the size of a Raspberry Pi and USB powered.

The first is 8-port, the second 5-port. Ideal for a stack of Pis.

There are 5V powered 8-port Gigabyte switches from other vendors as well at around `1A (effectively using ~5W), but they are bigger.

Via: [WayBack] How to Build a Kubernetes Cluster with ARM Raspberry Pi then run .NET Core on OpenFaas – Scott Hanselman


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