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Archive for April 22nd, 2020

Use the Unofficial Bash Strict Mode (Unless You Looove Debugging)

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/22

[WayBack] Use the Unofficial Bash Strict Mode (Unless You Looove Debugging):

set -euo pipefail

Explanation in the above post.


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When pandoc on a reStructuredText document gives “(WARNING/2) Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string.”

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/22

When fixing some of the Pandoc conversion messages from … to html, I got this warning:

Network-Protocol-Security.rst:917: (WARNING/2) Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string.

In my experience, the line numbers do not usually match, but in this case it was accurate (not the same as Network-Protocol-Security.rst#L874 because I was still editing it).

A search for “Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string.” did only reveal occurrences, not causes, but “Inline substitution_reference start-string without end-string”

showed post with a cause: [WayBack] python sphinx – How to include an internal reference in a code block? – Stack Overflow pointing to [WayBack] reStructuredText Markup Specification: Substitution References.

Solution is either to

  • Escape |_ using a backslash like \|-.
  • Properly format code blocks using :: at the front and indents of the block

Lessons learned:

  1. When you get a pandoc message like substitution_reference, then search for it while substituting the underscore with a space inside the [WayBack] reStructuredText Markup Specification.
  2. Quoted strings to trim down Google search results, but you might want to leave out trailing punctuation.

Applying the lessons

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Peter Drucker: The Rules of Effectiveness – Personal Growth – Medium

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/22

This is so simple and so hard at the same time: [WayBackPeter Drucker: The Rules of Effectiveness – Personal Growth – Medium:

  1. Design the Practice, Not the Person
    This means you have to set schedules when to do things and for how long.
    This is hard in an ever changing, ever interrupting world where tasks are of tough to estimate duration.
  2. Embrace Purposeful Abandonment
    Less+Less==More; which implies you should do a lot less things to be effective. Skip the things you do not really need.
  3. Switch From Exploring to Exploiting
    For me it was hard to understand, especially not being in my 20ies any more for a long time: high reward risky paths are better to be pursued than risk-averse paths.

The cool thing though: Peter Drucker found about all these during his life which was mostly (1909-2005) before computing and social network became ubiquitous.

So yes: the above should be possible in an agile environment.


via: [WayBack] Peter Drucker: The Rules of Effectiveness – Personal Growth – Medium – Marjan Venema – Google+

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