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Passing parameters to a Bash function – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/20

Since I tend to forget this:

  1. you can declare bash functions with parenthesis
  2. you pass parameters to functions space delimited (often people quote each parameter)
  3. within functions you can refer to parameters by number just like the parameters passed to a shell script

More info at:

I think for functions, you can apply what is linked from Some useful links on bash parameters: $1, $*, $@, quotes, etc., so a loop over all parameters in a function is the same as in a script, see [WayBack] shell – how to loop through arguments in a bash script – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange from Gilles:

There’s a special syntax for this:

for i do
  echo "$i"

More generally, the list of parameters of the current script or function is available through the special variable $@.

for i in "$@"; do
  echo "$i"

Note that you need the double quotes around $@, otherwise the parameters undergo wildcard expansion and field splitting. "$@" is magic: despite the double quotes, it expands into as many fields as there are parameters.

print_arguments () {
  for i in "$@"; do echo "$i"; done
print_arguments 'hello world' '*' 'special   !\characters'    # prints 3 lines
print_arguments ''                                            # prints one empty line
print_arguments                                               # prints nothing

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