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Jira “Preformatted” is not “Preformatted”

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/25

Found out that Jira has its own markdown for issues and comments.

I knew the editor for it has a Style drop down with a “Preformatted” entry.

Initially, pasted text looks preformatted, but after saving the issue or comment, often all or part of that text did either:

  • did not display as preformatted
  • had curly braces around them

A co-worker indicated the plus sign on the right can insert blocks (I thought that while it was next to inserting emoticons, it was for inserting unicode symbols like plus).

Alas, no: it is for adding things that are not symbols at all, and too has a “Preformatted” entry.

For sake of consistency, both “Preformatted” entries produce different markup.

The “Style” entry of “Preformatted” basically surrounds all lines with curly braces, then upon saving tries to do some interpretation and removes parts.

The “Plus” entry of “Preformatted” surrounds a block of lines with {noformat} entries at start of end.

Then there is the “Code” entry under “Plus”. It insert a code block, does not allow you to select the language, but assumes everyone loves programming in Java, as now the surrounding entries are {code:java} at the start and {code} at the end. The default block is this one in “Visual” mode:

// code placeholder

and this one in “Text” mode:

// Some comments here
public String getFoo()
    return foo;

Unlike markdown, that supports ```text as value language, when you do that, you get this after switching from “Text” to “Visual”:

and this after saving it sometimes gets morphed from

// code placeholder


Unable to find source-code formatter for language: text. Available languages are: actionscript, ada, applescript, bash, c, c#, c++, cpp, css, erlang, go, groovy, haskell, html, java, javascript, js, json, lua, none, nyan, objc, perl, php, python, r, rainbow, ruby, scala, sh, sql, swift, visualbasic, xml, yaml// code placeholder


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