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Opensuse Community Account Migration

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/11

Apparently, during my 15 month rectum cancer fight, I missed the one month window of migrating my opensuse account (because of the sale of opensuse from Microfocus to a German investment company named EQT Partners).

I got the email on may 1st (right before my first surgery) and since I only just am recovering from the last surgery, discovered [Wayback] Community Account Migration:

The Community Accounts (aka. Bugzilla Accounts) will migration to the SUSE datacenter in Nuremberg

SUSE is the largest independent open source company.
We are finalizing this independence also on the technical level.
The Community Accounts (a.k.a. Bugzilla Accounts) were moved back to SUSE to a new system in our Nuremberg data center.

All accounts have been migrated. Except for the password.
To access your migrated account a migration tool was offered until June 18th
The migration is no longer possible.
To regain access to your account you have to request a password reset.
This requires that the account has your correct email address registered.
If this is not the case you will have to create a new account.

It looks like the account migration uses Okta (identity management) – Wikipedia as authentication service (quite odd for a German company to use a USA based company for authentication: hellp GDPR!), using mail servers having hostnames not ending in, but like

Hopefully identify emails do get through: they are now trying to get past my grey-list filters.


The okta mail servers didn’t get through the grey-list, so I forced them to the secondary mail servers where they did get through.

It indicated migration is not possible any more and I should seek help:

At this time your password can only be reset by an administrator. To send them a request, go to your Sign-in Help page. Then click the Request help link.

So I did:


Due to my 15 months fight with rectumcancer and the “SUSE Account Changes – Coming soon!” last May not indicating any deadline for the migration, I missed the one month account migration window (2020-05-18 to 2020-06-18) mentioned at

Can you please re-activate the account and re-bind the username accountname for me and send me a password reset email on that above email address?



Edit 20210112:

I got an account activation email, added password/question/mobile-phone-number, then got redirected to, then the “Forums” link allowed me to enter a forums alias the same as my old alias. So it looks it sort of works now: my old jpluimers posts have not been linked to my new account.

Some reading for when I have more energy:

I just checked and the email about migration did not indicate any deadline apart from that password reset links were valid for 90 days, a lot longer than one month window.


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