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Chaz Firestone su Twitter: “All the balls are the same color — and that color is *brown*!… “

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/06/08

With User Experience, perception plays a big role. It helps to understand how colors work: a difficult topic with amazing results like: “All the balls are the same color — and that color is brown!”

All pictures below are from the [WayBack] Chaz Firestone on Twitter: “All the balls are the same color — and that color is brown!… “ thread.

Original by [WayBack] David Novick (@NovickProf) | Twitter: Professor of Engineering Education and Leadership, the University of Texas at El Paso. Tweets cover innovation & entrepreneurship, improv, and color illusions. El Paso, TX.

[] David Novick on Twitter: “A three-color confetti illusion with spheres, which appear to be yellowish, reddish, and purpleish but in fact have exactly the same light-brown base color (RGB 255,188,144). Shrinking the image increases the effect. Original png file is at .… “

A PNG of the original is at and his dropbox, and is even more stunning than the Twitter dithered versions below.

Colors from the color picker tool by [WayBack] #therightwaye (@therightwaye) | Twitter:

Grey backgrounds by [WayBack] Joffan (@Joffan7) | Twitter:

The cool thing is that this is being used in product packaging to make the fruits and vegetables look more orange.

Carrots by [WayBack] Hanon Ondricek on Twitter: “Oh right! And baby carrot bags have orange stripes… #itrustnothingnow… “:

Oranges and grapefruits by [WayBack] Alexei Kojenov (@kojenov) | Twitter:


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