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Twitter thread by thread by @0xdade; More unicode shit: zero width space and a zero width nonjoiner in filenames

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/22

[WayBack] Thread by @0xdade: Today I learned that you can put zero width spaces in file names on Linux. Have fun. I’m playing with this because punycode/IDN is fascinati…

Today I learned that you can put zero width spaces in file names on Linux. Have fun.

I’m playing with this because punycode/IDN is fascinating, and I wanted to know what happened when I started shoving unicode in the path portion of the url, which isn’t part of how browsers try to protect URLs, as far as I can tell…

I think it’s more entertaining to have a file that is named *only* a zero width space, but I think using them throughout a filename is better to break tab completion and not stand out too much. A filename that is just blank looks strange in ls output.
Thank goodness adduser is looking out for our best interests.
Oooh this one is pretty subtle.
Just about pissed myself with this one.

Not related to the terminal fun, but related to zero width characters:

You can:
– Break url previews https://0xda​​​​​​.​de
– @​0xdade without tagging
– Make a word like system​d not searchable…

Okay but back to command line crap. I really like this one. Create a directory named .[ZWS]

One thing that is cool about using zero width spaces is that “ls” has a flag, “-b”, that is meant to escape non-graphic characters. Inserting a newline, for instance, would be escaped to \n. But the zero width space is technically a graphic character, so nothing happens.


Have no fear, though. It’s not unbeatable. It’s only fun if the language and LC settings are set to support utf-8. If you set LC_ALL=C or whatever that isn’t utf-8, then it looks like this.

Putting a link to this tweet here so that I don’t lose it again in the future.


My god, it is beautiful. I mean except all the whitespace I can’t get rid of before the command lmao.

View image on Twitter
But on the other hand if you just have a search for the zws, then whatever you find is probably worth investigating. 
I guess I’ll start the hashtag before @QW5kcmV3 does for #irresponsibleutf8 🤭😏😂 

And these tweets:

[WayBack] Thread by @Plazmaz: @0xdade Was doing some real fucking around with urls recently:… (was gonna flesh it out more but didn’t find…:

mentions Was doing some real fucking around with urls recently:
mentions This one is my fave:
‘⁄’ (\u2044)
‘∕’ (\u2215)
Allow for this:⁄search⁄query⁄⁄search⁄query⁄ 

[WayBack] · GitHub:

This is a list of methods for messing with urls. These are often useful for bypassing filters, SSRF, or creating convincing links that are difficult to differentiate from legitimate urls.

And a bit of documentation links:



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