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Archive for September 10th, 2021

ScanSnap Home 1.4.0 update and release notes

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/10

The first stupid thing is that when pressing the “Install” button: it will not ask for UAC elevation, despite the UAC elevation badge:

The second is the release notes from the installer indicate there is more information to be found when clicking, but after clicking it shows exactly the same information:

Update ScanSnap Home to 1.4.0.
Modifications from 1.3.1 to 1.4.0.

– A new feature has been added to perform OCR recognition on an image of a business card or receipt again by marking the necessary parts with a frame on the preview window.

– A new feature has been added to allow users to preview multiple images on the main window.

– A new feature has been added to apply [ScanSnap Manager – Profile] to ScanSnap Home.

– Help menus and contents have been improved, allowing users to find information that they want quickly on the Help.

– Operability for linking with cloud services has been improved.

– Operability for adding and editing profiles on the taskbar has been improved.

– A modification has been made so that you can delete a content data record that is managed in ScanSnap Home even after you delete a file for the content data record in Explorer.

– The waiting time it takes after a scan has been reduced.

– A modification has been made which enables users to use the scan window as soon as it is displayed.

– Operability for contacting your support representative has been improved.

– Fixed the problem that occurs on ScanSnap iX500, preventing the Wi-Fi settings from being configured successfully with an SSID that includes double-byte characters.

– Fixed the problem where the Scan buttons for other users may not be disabled on the touch panel when users are switched.

– Fixed the problem where the scanner turns off even if [Automatic power off] is set to [Never].

– Fixed the problem that occurs when the title of a content data record is changed during text recognition, causing the changed title to return back to the original title.

– Fixed the problem that occurs when scanned images are not managed in ScanSnap Home and when they are linked with a certain application, preventing the scanned images from being saved in a specified folder.

– Fixed the problem that occurs when a connection is established with ScanSnap SDK via Wi-Fi, preventing a serial number from being obtained with the GetScannerInfo command.

– Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements have been done.

For details, double-click [ScanSnap Home Update].


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Hardening your network from locally logged on users

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/10

SwiftOnSecurity is a great account to follow.

One tweet was the base of my post [WayBack] On Windows, having an empty password can improve security.

Another tweet the base of this one.

Doug is great!

Swift has some great github resources too:


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Hoe laat het is: hoe laat is het? Zo laat is het.

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/10

Reminder to self that this is an excellent part of a dashboard for someone with Alzheimer’s disease: [WayBack] Hoe laat het is: hoe laat is het? Zo laat is het.


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