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Archive for September 8th, 2021

Chocolatey parameter order: `–yes` becomes before `–force`

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/08

Not sure why, bit if you want to force install a package, answering yes to all prompts, the chocolaty parameter order needs to be --yes --force instead of --force --yes.

This works:

choco install --yes --force git.install --params "/GitAndUnixToolsOnPath /NoGitLfs /SChannel /NoAutoCrlf /WindowsTerminal"

This fails:

choco install --force --yes git.install --params "/GitAndUnixToolsOnPath /NoGitLfs /SChannel /NoAutoCrlf /WindowsTerminal"


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PowerShell OS Support Matrix –

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/08

By now, probably newer versions have come out, but this should give a rough indication of the 2019 state of [WayBack] PowerShell OS Support Matrix –

For 5.1 and lower, you can find the prerequisites in [WayBack] Windows PowerShell System Requirements – PowerShell | Microsoft Docs.


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Most network protocols are TCP based, so be aware ping uses ICMP and traceroute UDP

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/08

Interesting thread: [WayBackSwiftOnSecurity sur Twitter : “I had this issue in my prev company network. QoS will drop ICMP and you’ll chase your tail. If you want to find out if a network service works, test the service. If you want to know if TCP works, use TCP.… “


  • tcpping and tcptraceroute for the win!
  • remember that some protocols, rely on ICMP or UDP, so ensure these work on your network tool (do not QoC them away!)

[WayBack] Zimmie on Twitter: “It is perhaps worth noting: traceroute does not generally use ICMP. Instead, it uses this horrific UDP port range with a different port for every probe at every hop. 30 hops? That’s 90 different UDP ports you just tried. Makes its value questionable at the best of times.…”



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