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Random User Generator | Home

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/11/23

Cool tool for when you ever need random users to test a system [Wayback] Random User Generator | Home:

Random user generator is a FREE API for generating placeholder user information. Get profile photos, names, and more. It’s like Lorem Ipsum, for people.

This was used when extracting Parler data to substantiate evidence around the 20210106 USA Capitol riots.

You can even use a simple HTTP GET like [Wayback] and get a JSON result like this.

{"results":[{"gender":"female","name":{"title":"Miss","first":"Malou","last":"Mortensen"},"location":{"street":{"number":2669,"name":"Lyngbyvej"},"city":"Sundby","state":"Syddanmark","country":"Denmark","postcode":48047,"coordinates":{"latitude":"-35.1307","longitude":"113.7480"},"timezone":{"offset":"+1:00","description":"Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris"}},"email":"","login":{"uuid":"981747de-66fe-40b0-87ea-adfe403fe1be","username":"purpleostrich871","password":"sweets","salt":"x86aQbIB","md5":"55497ac53530b428f98b9d36267ceeef","sha1":"358b94ffabe7d827c34da15791e5d6717c594428","sha256":"6e357e887877e29b7e6d53073f648174382c53c24f83479e25fed9c82075ed32"},"dob":{"date":"1995-06-05T04:50:35.145Z","age":26},"registered":{"date":"2018-07-21T00:59:50.523Z","age":3},"phone":"02990797","cell":"94800012","id":{"name":"CPR","value":"050695-9954"},"picture":{"large":"","medium":"","thumbnail":""},"nat":"DK"}],"info":{"seed":"8971869bb62b73d7","results":1,"page":1,"version":"1.3"}}





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