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Archive for November 23rd, 2021

Random User Generator | Home

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/11/23

Cool tool for when you ever need random users to test a system [Wayback] Random User Generator | Home:

Random user generator is a FREE API for generating placeholder user information. Get profile photos, names, and more. It’s like Lorem Ipsum, for people.

This was used when extracting Parler data to substantiate evidence around the 20210106 USA Capitol riots.

You can even use a simple HTTP GET like [Wayback] and get a JSON result like this.

{"results":[{"gender":"female","name":{"title":"Miss","first":"Malou","last":"Mortensen"},"location":{"street":{"number":2669,"name":"Lyngbyvej"},"city":"Sundby","state":"Syddanmark","country":"Denmark","postcode":48047,"coordinates":{"latitude":"-35.1307","longitude":"113.7480"},"timezone":{"offset":"+1:00","description":"Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris"}},"email":"","login":{"uuid":"981747de-66fe-40b0-87ea-adfe403fe1be","username":"purpleostrich871","password":"sweets","salt":"x86aQbIB","md5":"55497ac53530b428f98b9d36267ceeef","sha1":"358b94ffabe7d827c34da15791e5d6717c594428","sha256":"6e357e887877e29b7e6d53073f648174382c53c24f83479e25fed9c82075ed32"},"dob":{"date":"1995-06-05T04:50:35.145Z","age":26},"registered":{"date":"2018-07-21T00:59:50.523Z","age":3},"phone":"02990797","cell":"94800012","id":{"name":"CPR","value":"050695-9954"},"picture":{"large":"","medium":"","thumbnail":""},"nat":"DK"}],"info":{"seed":"8971869bb62b73d7","results":1,"page":1,"version":"1.3"}}



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IFTTT alternatives

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/11/23

A long time ago, I experimented a bit with if this then that, but found it too limited for my purposes. Though there were many integrations, the level of automation wsa very limited, especially in the kinds and flexibility of rules. Nice idea, not well executed.

By now, they even charge for it.

So here are some alternatives you might want to use:

Via [Wayback] Ifttt introduceert betaald Pro-abonnement en beperkt gratis versie – Beeld en geluid – Nieuws – Tweakers


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Tool for debugging makefiles – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/11/23

I’m not good at makefiles, so I needed a tool to help me debug some relatively simple ones.

[Wayback] Tool for debugging makefiles – Stack Overflow came to the rescue.

The suggestion in the first answer was enough: run make -n.

But the other suggestions are great too, so here I quote them (thanks [Wayback] Rob Wells and [Wayback] User Rajish):

Have you been looking at the output from running make -n and make -np, and the biggie make -nd?

Are you using a fairly recent version of gmake?

Have you looked at the free chapter on [Wayback] Debugging Makefiles available on O’Reilly’s site for their excellent book “Managing Projects with GNU Make” ([Wayback] Amazon Link).

I’m sure that [Waybackremake is what you are looking for.

From the homepage:

remake is a patched and modernized version of GNU make utility that adds improved error reporting, the ability to trace execution in a comprehensible way, and a debugger.

It has gdb-like interface and is supported by mdb-mode in (x)emacs which means breakponts, watches etc. And there’s [Wayback] DDD if you don’t like (x)emacs

The free chapter: [Wayback]

Remake documentation: [Wayback] remake – GNU Make with comprehensible tracing, profiling, extended error messages, and a debugger — remake 4.3+dbg-1.4 documentation


[Wayback] Makefile Tutorial by Example


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