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How to survive cancer: an inspiring story by Désirée Hairwassers

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/04/29

Today is my birthday. I am turning 53 today. But when writing this I’m not sure I am what we Dutch call “schoon”. It is a Dutch euphemism that I dislike, but still accidentally use. The thing is that one never knows for sure to be really clean from he signs of cancer metastases.

While writing this post, I’m in a melancholic mood during a period of depression/burnout after all the treatments. I am reflecting on if and how I survived the metastasised rectum cancer and lived through all other stressful things that started somewhere early 2017.

So I was glad to find the tweet below on the edge of spring that inspired me, I originally made me draft this post as being titled

“Surviving cancer is not a fight or a battle, it is about having luck or misfortune”

It was a (now by posting this link) pointer back to Having cancer is not a fight or a battle, it is about having luck or misfortune.

But it doesn’t do the artwork of Désirée Hairwassers justice, so here is her tweet:

[Wayback/Archive] Dees on Twitter: “Het lijkt mij ook een gepast moment om jullie mijn boek te presenteren. In het Engels, want gericht op de hele wereld. Dun boek. Dat moet een bestseller worden….. ” / Twitter

Translated: “I also think it is an appropriate time to present my book to you. In English, because aimed at the whole world. Thin book. That should be a bestseller”

And her video about “How to survive cancer: The inspirational journey of Désirée Hairwassers” showing the book. A very focused book (if it does not show, click on her above tweet to see it):

The thing is: her book did not even have to do with spring, but with her Tweets earlier that day below. For most people having survived cancer, the life after cancer is full of very mixed emotions.


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