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Reminder to self: check to see the state of winget and if it is possible to install Windows Store applications from the command-line

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/11/02

While undergoing many treatments against rectum cancer, I saved the below tweets with a marker “The new windows package manager:“.


Well, actually the first tweet is gone, now, but archived as [Wayback/Archive] Stefan Stranger on Twitter: “New Windows Package Manager #MSBuild2020… “

It is probably also the reason why it looks like my question never got a reply: [Wayback/Archive] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers on Twitter: “@sstranger So is  the nuget successor?” / Twitter

I was in hospital recovering from major surgery back then, so if Stefan replied, I likely didn’t notice. We will never know.

winget? nuget? Chocolatey? how do they relate?

Back then I really was wondering how winget related to NuGet and/or Chocolatey.

Luckily, I happened to save the tweet from a day later as wel. Luckily too Shawn doesn’t delete valuable tweets like Stefan does.

Shawn wrote [Wayback/Archive] Shawn Wildermuth #000000 { lives: matter; } on Twitter: “Why didn’t Microsoft just buy Chocolatey? ” / Twitter

[Wayback/Archive] Windows Package Manager Preview | Windows Command Line

I still agree with Shawn, as it would have made things much easier.

Winget at least supports plenty of installer formats as per [Wayback/Archive] Use the winget tool to install and manage applications: Supported installer formats | Microsoft Docs

The winget tool supports the following types of installers:
  • EXE (with Silent and SilentWithProgress flags)
  • INNO
  • MSI
  • APPX
  • MSIX
  • BURN

Later I will post about another kind of package manager on Windows (Scoop), but for now, it looks like I need to have at least three package managers in by tool-belt, as:

  • Chocolatey is not installed on Windows by default, and has the largest install base
  • Scoop is not installed on Windows by default, and supports installing applications as non-admin in your user profile
  • winget is installed on Windows by default, and allows installing applications from the Windows App store on the console

Look at this mess-in-progress to sort out the mapping of chocolatey installs I did from the past: [Wayback/Archive] Windows installers (Chocolatey, some winget and one Scoop for now, hopefully completed to full Scoop and winget, similar to that lists Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Tools and

Since lot’s of tools are not on winget (hopefully yet), Chocolatey is still needed, even for the lists that inspired me writing this post in the first place:

I did most of the searches through [Wayback/Archive] | Finding winget packages made simple which was a top hit when querying [Wayback/Archive] winget search – Google Search.

About 75% through, I found out that consistently cannot find some of the tools, for instance [Wayback/Archive] Search results: VisualStudioCode | returns zero results ([Wayback/Archive] Search results: vscode | and [Wayback/Archive] Search results: code | also fail to return the correct result), but it is right there as [Wayback/Archive] VisualStudioCode: Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio Code with winget.

In retrospect, I should have gone through my archive of draft blog posts, as right with the above tweets, it had this:

A web UI wrapper quickly appeared:

[Archive] mehedi on Twitter: “I made a thing! Say hello to — the simple, always up-to-date GUI for Windows Package Manager! ⚡️ Browse all the apps, select the ones you want, and get a script that lets you install all the apps via Windows Package Manager ✨ …” / Twitter

[Wayback/Archive] winstall – GUI for Windows Package Manager

There is only one drawback: you cannot save searches as a plain URL.


While doing some preliminary investigation for Scoop, I also found [Wayback/Archive] Repology, which is a meta-search tool that includes many package manager repositories on many platforms, including winget. Indeed, vscode is found there, both in winget, and in many other package manager repositories:

This is where to search for winget packages: [Wayback/Archive] Projects list: winget – Repology.

Revisiting the winget tags

The above means I will revisit my list of apps that have ??? for winget entries I did not find yet, then amend the list at [Wayback/Archive] Windows installers (Chocolatey, some winget and one Scoop for now, hopefully completed to full Scoop and winget, similar to that lists Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Tools and

Search tools of choice will be Repology and


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