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Archive for the ‘GitHub Actions’ Category

Learning github actions by creating a repository with a dynamic for your profile information

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/01/23


  1. Create a GitHub repository with the same name as your profile name
  2. Add a with Markdown describing your profile
  3. In the, add begin/end HTML comment markers <!-- and --> for various types of dynamic content
  4. In the Actions of this repository, add Workflows for each of the set comment markers that use them to refresh that part of the content using GitHub Actions learning some continuous integration/continuousc deployment (CI/CD) on the fly.

You can spice this up with all kinds of badges to make it look pretty.

HTML Comments in Markdown?

Yes, it is indeed odd to have HTML comments in Markdown where you could just as easy use Markdown comments, but hey: I didn’t define the way this works.

A Markdown comment looks like this:

(empty line)
[comment]: # (This actually is the most platform independent comment)

For explanation on why/how this works, see the below two great StackOverflow answers in this order:

  1. [Wayback/Archive] syntax – Comments in Markdown: concise example – Stack Overflow by [Wayback/Archive] Magnus.
  2. [Wayback/Archive] syntax – Comments in Markdown: explainer – Stack Overflow by [Wayback/Archive] User Nick Volynkin – Stack Overflow


The below two videos (also embedded below the signature) show how to do this. Thanks [Archive] Jesse Hall 🦸‍♂️ #vsCodeHero (@codeSTACKr) | Twitter for creating them!

  1. [Wayback/Archive] Next Level GitHub Profile README (NEW) | How To Create An Amazing Profile ReadMe With GitHub Actions – YouTube
  2. [Wayback/Archive] UPDATE: Next Level GitHub Profile README (NEW) | GitHub Actions | Vercel | Spotify – YouTube

The description of the videos contain all sorts of links to sites and underlying repositories for:

  • icons
  • shields
  • badges
  • youtube/blog/RSS and other feed actions
  • profile examples

You can see the effects at [Wayback/Archive] codeSTACKr/codeSTACKr in the [Wayback/Archive] raw sources.

Enough to get you some experimentation (:

Watch your commits

One of the drawbacks of mixing manual and automated changes to a repository, is that the automated changes can cause a lot of commits.

This is OK as long as the automated changes add value to the changed content.

In this regard, having stable RSS feeds is important, and YouTube is kind of bad at this when you look at [Wayback/Archive] History for – codeSTACKr/codeSTACKr: videos changing order or popping in/out of the last 5 is kind of annoying.


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