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Archive for the ‘rawgit’ Category

RawGit is going away: redirect your content before October 2019 (it does disappear after that)

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/04

[WayBack] RawGit: RawGit served raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.

This means you have to redirect your existing RawGit links before October 2019, and you cannot add new links on RawGit.

You might want to try alternatives, for instance this one I mentioned in 2017: – like but supports bitbucket as well and runs on plain nginx.

[WayBack] serves raw files directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab with proper Content-Type headers.

There are some other options that RawGit itself mentions:

What you should use instead

The following free services offer fantastic alternatives to some or all of RawGit’s functionality. You may like them even more than RawGit.

RawGit source is still at [WayBack] GitHub – rgrove/rawgit: Served files from, but with the correct content types., so if you want to host your own alternative you can.

It means I need to change these pages:



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Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/07

Found out recently that next to there is also which contrary to the name also supports bitbucket files:


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Work around G+ “403. That’s an error.” errors

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/08

I’m not yet sure what the exact cause is, but at irregular intervals when clicking on Google Plus links, they show as “403. That’s an error.”.

They appear both when I have multiple WAN connections or a single WAN connection, which leads me to suspect that G+ doesn’t cope well when

  • you have a lot (dozens) of Google related pages open (Drive, Mail, Search, Documents, etc) as Google Plus is embedded in each of them
  • you rapidly browse through your G+ backlog (the G+ counter is > 50 since you follow a lot of people/communities and you quickly do catch-up on them)

In a future post, I will explain how I created the workaround, but here it is:

Work around G+ “403. That’s an error.” errors

Basically it translates links

The latter was the original link I clicked in the first place. The former what G+ comes up with.

After a while, G+ comes back to its senses and allows the latter links again, so the page allows you to parse the former then put them in a list like this:

One decoded URL per list-item.

One decoded URL per list-item.

–jeroen _ _ _ _

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Hosting an HTML gist containing JavaScript

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/06/22


The “embed” dropdown allows to get URLs for sharing and git cloning.

Recently I did my very first JavaScript in HTML development. Since it was a one page experiment, I didn’t want to put it in an official repository of it’s own.

I will explain about the content in a future post, but first about getting it on-line as a HTML file that can run JavaScript.

This is the hosted page: Work around G+ “403. That’s an error.” errors.

Gists are the base

Gists are pretty amazing. They have history, syntax highlighting (which you can embed on your own page, see Using Github as a Syntax Highlighter for Your Blog or Website), can show an overview of files or even raw content. This holds for public and secret gists.

The history of all the files comes from a repository: in fact all gists are in fact git repositories of which you can get the URL (be it https or ssh) is under the “Embed” dropdown: see the screenshot on the right.

So the gist itself is available under these URLs:

The individual files can either be viewed as syntax highlighted (when they’re small enough, not binary and github knows how to highlight them), or as raw files:

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