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Archive for the ‘Chrome’ Category

Preventing sites to add themselves to the Google Chrome search engine list

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/11

For a long time, sites have been able to add themselves to the search engine list in Google Chrome.


The last one is my own, but hundreds of them are not.

I never noticed this until I needed to add some custom search engine strings to the list and found the UI is obnoxiously slow when there are hundreds of entries in that list.

It’s like the cookies editor: the editing speed decreases exponentially with the number of entries in that list.

The feature is called Tab to Search, apparently is intentional, based on the OpenSearch standard and well documented:

Many people dislike it though:

There are various ways around it documented in the last link.

This is the one I liked best: [WayBackDon’t add custom search engines – Chrome Web Store.

Via: [WayBack] Google Chrome: Remove all ‘Other Search Engines’ – Super User who also pointed me to the script below the signature ([WayBack] Remove chrome “other search engines” · GitHub), which likely needs this change:

penguin020 commented on Dec 22, 2017  

Just in case you are trying to use this with the (keep) mechanism, I think that the engine.modelIndex can get muddled if you do not refresh between runs of this script, possibly deleting engines you wish to keep.

UPDATE: if you reverse sort by modelIndex, this problem is obviated.


val.others.sort(function (a, b) { return b.modelIndex - a.modelIndex; });

just after the .then.


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Ole Albers: Just wanted to tell that the Google+ Optimizer now has a cross post to Diaspora…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/23

Cool: [WayBack] Just wanted to tell that the Google+ Optimizer now has a cross post to Diaspora – Feature…. – Ole Albers – Google+.

Get it from [WayBack] Ghosttown – Optimizer – Chrome Web Store

The Google+ – Optimizer increases the user experience with Google+ until the bitter end…
With this extension you can modify and arrange your google+ stream just like you want.

Some of the Features:
* Remove unwanted content ("suggested contacts, youtube-comments,animated gifs...)
* Display additional content (stopwatch)
* Filter by Hashtag
* Autosave-Feature
* Bookmark-Feature
... and more

The first time you open a page on, you see this:

Then when you post a removable information bar:

That directs you to the configuration (either right click the icon, or follow, where in the main item, you can enter your diaspora host (in my case pluspora) information:


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Quickly finding and debugging jQuery event handlers with findHandlersJS – The Blinking Caret

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/16

tl;dr: Finding event handlers registered using jQuery can be tricky. findHandlersJS makes finding them easy, all you need is the event type and a jQuery selector for the elements where the events might originate.

I need to invest some time in using this: [WayBackQuickly finding and debugging jQuery event handlers with findHandlersJS – The Blinking Caret

Sourcecode: [


Via: [WayBackjavascript – Chrome Dev Tools : view all event listeners used in the page – Stack Overflow


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Why Are My Text Messages Stuck Pending | Pushbullet Help Central

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/15

Try this fix first:

For many, this issue goes away by simply reinstalling our Android app on your phone. We suggest giving this a try first.

That didn’t work, but this did:

Check that the correct device is selected in the top left of the SMS interface.

You may have an old device selected, which is preventing SMS from working correctly. Check that the correct device is selected in the drop down. You can remove old devices here.

It looks like all my old smartphones were still there despite not being a SIM card in them. Removing all but my active phone solved the problem.

Source: [WayBackWhy Are My Text Messages Stuck Pending | Pushbullet Help Central


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If you use Session Buddy, you might want to reconsider: it only saves the session infrequently

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/22

I was shocked reading [WayBack] An alternative to Session Buddy: “Tabs Backup & Restore” · Issue #742 · deanoemcke/thegreatsuspender · GitHub: the save frequency is about 1 per browser restart. Which is quite odd when you use it to protect against tabs messing up (it happens, right when you do not expect it, after which a “Restore” by chrome fails too).

So after years of using

[] Session Buddy – Chrome Web Store: Manage Browser Tabs and Bookmarks with Ease

I have switched away to

[WayBack] Tabs Backup & Restore – Chrome Web Store: With ‘Tabs Backup & Restore’ you will never lose your work again! Backup an entire Chrome session (windows and tabs).


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