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Archive for the ‘PC PSU’ Category

Blast from the TomsHardware past – Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/16

Blast form the past, as I just found out I had archived the (moved) pages where the original link wasn’t:

We put PC power supplies from 300 to 850 watts under continuous load to see if they can satisfy the power appetite of potent Athlon and P4 systems. Are they efficient and stable? Click into the THG Laboratory to find out!

Sources: the “Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load” series:

The original page was not archived (likely because they dislike WayBack), but linked from [WayBack] Using PC power supplies in things other than PCs which I linked to in Convert/adapt an old ATX Power Supply into a Bench Power Supply with (or without) 3D Printed Parts

Note that [] Data Collection And Live Upload refers to the – now gone – Inadequate and Deceptive Product Labeling : Comparison of 21 Power Supplies , which I found back as well:

In spite of the high end-user retail prices, our lab technicians were surprised by the test results. No fewer than 6 power supplies struggled under full load: 3 of the candidates simply went up in smoke, while the other 3 shut down prematurely. The “black sheep” among all the test participants was Maxtron, with the TOP-520P4. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this power supply is represented to be capable of withstanding 520 watts – divided up over the corresponding voltage ranges. However, in our test, it ceased working at 446 watts. Completely dead!


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