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Posts Tagged ‘NTFS file system’

Windows/NTFS – this works from one file system to another: `junction -D`

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/20

I’m glad that junction did work to create a directory junction to link a directory from one NTFS file system to another with this small batch file (that falls back from mklink to junction):

  @echo off
  if !%1!==!! goto :help
  goto :main
  echo %0 TargetFolder
  echo   Creates directory symbolic link using MKLINK or JUNCTION so that TargetFolder points to %~dp0
  goto :eof
  call :do mklink /D %1 %~dp0
  call :do junction %1 %~dp0
  goto :eof
  echo %*
  goto :eof

Some more reading on juncions, hard links, symbolic links, etc:

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