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reminiscence of the past: DPMI (DOS Protected Mode Interface)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/08/12

While researching some other historic information about Delphi, I bumped into this thread: New DPMI host – delphi.

If is a small thread describing what kinds and versions of DPMI hosts were available to run Turbo Pascal based programs.

DPMI stands DOS Protected Mode Interface: a way for real mode DOS programs to access protected mode features (mainly memory above the 1 megabyte barrier).

I had plainly forgotten that the DPMI host shipped with Delphi 1, and wasn’t aware you could have a 32-bit DPMI host at all.

Some other memory related abbreviations from that era:

Fun (:


2 Responses to “reminiscence of the past: DPMI (DOS Protected Mode Interface)”

  1. Thomas said

    Why still DOS. Ane if DOS still today, where ist the graphics. I know, lot of programmers like game programming. Other programmers prefeur GUI for interaction with their Computer. For this are GUI Applications not only useful but also better to operate. No need to learn lot of command line options, which bring no cent of more money, only waste of time. There wer lot of very good graphics libraries for turbo pascal. Where are they all??? And where is the chance to port old turbo pascal programs to delphi also if they contain 16Bit Assembler-Code and inline code. The “inline” instruction had other meanming in Turbo Pascal. So bring a compiler option to change the meaning of inline instruction for porting purpose and another compiler option for porting 16 Bit Assembler code to 32 Bit.

    Who likes console better than GUI can use also the windows console. For what the command line ideology. Command line could do alsdo a 80286 compute5r with 512 Kilobyte RAM. Todays computers can lot of more.

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