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Fuzzing in addition to Unit Tests – via: David Millington G+

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/08/11

I need to give this link from Jonathan Lange which was shared by David Millington some thought:

Embedded in Academia : How to Fuzz an ADT Implementation.

There they add fuzzers to help testing an ADT: in this case an Abstract Data Type in the form of  a red-black tree.

And then see if it can be added to DUnit and NUnit or MSTest/VSTest in some way.

In the original post by Jonathan Lange, an important remark was made by Eric Castelijn:

… the downside being that having non deterministic tests means having test failures that are hard to repeat

When fuzzing multiple or composite values, the chances that you will hit interesting edge cases semi-reliably will drop dramatically, in my experience


via “This post has two points. First, you should write ADT fuzzers. It is often….

2 Responses to “Fuzzing in addition to Unit Tests – via: David Millington G+”

  1. Eric said

    That fuzzing uses random does not means it has to be non-deterministic: just record the random seed before a test.

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