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Windows 10 1511 update broke the Hyper-V networking – Fix network connection issues

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/11

After updating a Windows 8.1 machine that had Hyper-V running, none of the VMs could access any networking: Windows 10 build 1511 completely broke the vSwitch infrastructure.

This is what I had to do:

  1. Reinstall network devices using netcfg –d command (Source: Fix network connection issues – Windows Help)
  2. Reboot host
  3. Create a new vSwitch in Hyper-V (as the old one was gone)
  4. Remove the network adapters of the VMs (they were in a limbo state)
  5. Add new network adapters to the VMs connecting them to the correct vSwitch.

This was the umpteenth time Hyper-V let me down, so in the future I’m back to VMware or Virtual Box.

Windows 10 also broke Everything Search Engine and UBCD4Win. I could not get UBCD4Win to work again, but a reinstall of Everything made it to work again.

And Windows 10 moved a lot of things away from the Control Panel, which means that things that basically worked for more than a decade are now gone. For instance, Windows updates now must be run with a shortcut like this:


Note that’s for a DUTCH system. For a US-English system of course the shortcut is different:


This feels like “1998 wants its VBA translated languages back”.

Of course I could get around this by building a table translatingto a text language code from the numeric language code* from the below command, but that’s not the point: Windows 10 makes life harder.

reg query “hklm\system\controlset001\control\nls\language” /v Installlanguage
returns codes like 0407, 0409, 040D, 0413, etc.


*: Heck if Microsoft cannot even update their 2002 Table of Language Culture Names, Codes, and ISO Values Method [C++] and has trouble keeping the various .NET version pages updated**, how could I?

**: these are the only .NET versions the table is documented

One Response to “Windows 10 1511 update broke the Hyper-V networking – Fix network connection issues”

  1. […] A while ago, I bitched that Microsoft moved away the Windows Update out of the Control panel into a language depended place (in Windows 10 1511 update broke the Hyper-V networking – Fix network connection issues). […]

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