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DVCS for your Linux etc configuration

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/11

Manually you can do it like this: How To Use Git to Manage your User Configuration Files on a Linux VPS | DigitalOcean.

But there is also etckeeper. There is even a set of manual installation steps for opensuse: backup – etckeeper for opensuse – bash script install and configure – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.

Three important etckeeper gotchas with powerful scripts like pre-commit /etc/etckeeper/pre-commit.d:

  • Ensure you give them executable permissions like chmod 755.
  • Ensure they are valid sh scripts.
  • Do not give them the .sh extension:
    • fails: /etc/etckeeper/pre-commit.d/10rsync-var-lib-named-master
    • works: /etc/etckeeper/pre-commit.d/



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