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Do NOT download the Embarcadero patch for RAD Studio 10.2.2!

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/02/11

[WayBack] Embarcadero just released a patch for RAD Studio 10.2.2. It breaks linking projects with runtime packages, like GExperts, any other IDE expert and probably also most component packages. – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+ in a response to [WayBack] RAD Studio 10.2.2 Tokyo February 2018 Patch available now at This patch for RAD Studio 10.2.2 (build 2004)… – Marco Cantù – Google+.

RSP-19914 (by Thomas Mueller)


After installing the RAD Studio 10.2.2 Tokyo February 2018 Patch I can no longer compile any project with “Link with runtime packages”.

Error message:
[dcc32 Fatal Error] Project1.dpr(5): E2225 Never-build package ‘vcl’ must be recompiled

Steps to reproduce

1. Create a new VCL project
2. Open project options
3. Select Packages -> Runtime Packages
4. Set “Link with runtime packages” to true
5. Close dialog with OK
6. Compile the project
-> Error

You might have noticed that the MVP logo is no longer on the blog. It got revoked because I was too critical. Given releases like the above, I can’t stop being critical in a public way as the internal ways to effectively voice criticism that used to work in the past stopped working a long time ago.

Not just the MVP was revoked, the account to which the MVP was attached got killed without notification. That account also had the tech-partner licenses attached: the ones I used to support Delphi open source projects. Which means I do not have any Embarcadero provided licenses to support open source Delphi projects any more except the ones I own (the most recent ones being Delphi 2007 and XE4).

Many people in the Delphi community even refuse to become MVP because formally the MVPs are not allowed to be be critical publicly. Which means these community members have a limited list of Delphi versions they can use to support and test their open source projects with.

I am glad for the time I could use those licenses to support open Delphi source projects, but alas, that time is over. I still like the concepts of Delphi as those are strong. I don’t like how Embarcadero handles their infrastructure and product quality.

In the next 2 years there will be Delphi posts on my blog as that’s about the depth of the posting queue right now. After that: time will tell. For the last decade or so, I’ve spend more free time supporting Delphi than spending time on paid Delphi projects. That won’t last forever.

For now I’m going on a two week holiday tomorrow after which I will be available for new projects.


Related: Why I care about QC and the Delphi community.

22 Responses to “Do NOT download the Embarcadero patch for RAD Studio 10.2.2!”

  1. rvelthuis said

    I am a flabbergasted how it comes that so many people jump to conclusions without actually knowing all the relevant facts. In my life I have learned to judge all the facts (and not just some half-knowledge) before reaching a conclusion, and to desist from passing judgement if I don’t know them. I guess that has come out of fashion, these days.

  2. darianmiller said

    They seem to continue to make it harder on themselves for no apparent reason. Q: How many individuals have the respect, knowledge, reach, and history of Delphi as Jeroen? Q: Given that small universe of individuals, what horrid atrocity would one have to commit in order to lose MVP status? A quote comes to mind “Life is hard – it’s even harder when you are stupid.” I don’t know the details, so I can only theorize… but it sure seems like Embarcadero keeps making questionable decisions. I am glad we are finally starting down the C# path. We’ll still use Delphi for a few years at least, but I’m not so inclined to force the company to stick to it anymore.

  3. MVPs are encouraged to provide constructive criticism. I have a process in place where they can talk directly to product management with concerns, and many of them also talk to Atanas from time to time if their concerns warrant it. We also have regular briefings where we solicit their feedback. I personally field some of their concerns too.

    Even public criticism that provides constructive value for the community is allowed.

    I’m not sure what you are referring to about your account with your tech-partner status being revoked. If you drop me an email with the details I’m happy to look into that.

  4. Sounds familiar…

  5. Eric ten Westenend said

    HI Jeroen

    You have done a lot for the Delphi community. They should be gratefull for that.
    The last Delphi versions (the IDE) has become worse. Many time debugging crashes the whole IDE. 23 years I now develop in Delphi and hope to keep doing this for years but also hope Embarcadero makes the IDE better.

  6. Things like this are sad, very sad. Because of this I’m now use Delphi only in legacy projects. Sad with this, one of the bests IDE, being destroyed by the irresponsibility and arrogance. Since Embarcadero has being new owner of Delphi, things like this are more common, and Delphi lost relevancy in market, despite still continues the best IDE (no for much more time, for Embarcadero responsibility).

    • rvelthuis said

      Actually, under the guide of Embarcadero, the product has done extremely well, and communication with the customer has improved a lot as well. That was one of the reasons for the MVP program. Before you judge, I think you should know both sides of the story of what happened. But I doubt Embarcadero will publicly discuss such issues. That’s good, that is being respectful and being discrete. That is not “arrogance”. On the contrary.

      • Joseph Mitzen said

        Rudy, the end users are not buying these “There’s a secret reason we got rid of this person and we’re not going to tell you” stories anymore, like was done with Joanna Carter. Or the “Jim Starkey’s totally wrong about open sourcing Interbase but we’re just not going to give our own version of events”. Or the many, many other times we’re asked to believe in secret information exonerating whoever owns Delphi at the moment, the magic math behind the “millions of users” claims, the “we never really intended to change the PRO license” lie, etc. I’m going to apply Hitchens’ Razor here: “That which is asserted without evidence may be dismissed without evidence”.

        Jeroen is a good and honorable person and shame on you for even suggesting there’s a more accurate version of events. Embarcadero (and their servants) have shown no problem attacking Jeroen, Arnaud Bauchez, and others who have given much to the community. A sound company with a solid, well-selling product doesn’t need to behave in draconian or panicked ways.

        • rvelthuis said


          The reason someone was removed or banned or whatever is no business to the end user. You and others may be eager to know the details, but they are merely between the person(s) and Embarcadero or others people involved. They are not your business at all. So you may not be “buying” this, it is still the ethical way to treat these things. No “evidence” has to be given.

          Fact is, and I’ll keep saying this, that you are not banned or removed from a program for mere criticism. You may not “buy” this, but that is the case. Actually, you seem to criticize them a lot too and haven’t been banned or limited in any way, or have you?

          I do know that people can be banned for doing bad things, like starting a DOS attack on the server (happened), or using racist or otherwise hateful language (happened), or advocating illegal activities (happened), or for being aggressive and insulting to other users (happened). Or simply for badmouthing (not just criticizing) Embarcadero and its products or even telling untruths about them. That has happened too.

          Again, no matter if you believe me or not (that is your problem then), Embarcadero does not remove people from a program or server for mere criticism. There has to be more, usually behind the scenes. What this is is none of your business, and it is certainly not in the interest of anyone involved to talk about in public.

  7. Lars Fosdal said

    Episodes like this has made the MVP title pointless, IMO. I’d actually resign from the MVP if I’d had it. If you can’t raise legitimate criticism in a non-public connection, what use is it to anyone?
    Jeroen, I certainly hope you’ll keep posting and doing fun things with Delphi, and perhaps even be more publicly verbal about the things that need to be addressed than you have been in the past.

    • rvelthuis said

      Who says you can’t? Like I said, I have raised lots of criticism over the past 17 years, and still I was asked to become an MVP. Just being critical is not enough to be thrown off the program, AFAICT. There must have been more.

      • David Heffernan said

        Could you post the agreement that MVPs sign so that we can see the exact wording and whether or not public criticism is limited.

        • jpluimers said

          If I am allowed to, I will try after getting back from our holiday.

        • Joseph Mitzen said

          I think these two snippets from EMBT’s own description of the program are interesting….

          “An MVP evangelizes (cheers for, promotes, teaches about, etc.) Embarcadero products by writing and speaking on the elegance, simplicity and productivity of our products at user groups, conferences, and webinars, and in websites, articles, newsgroups, blogs and social networks.”

          “Once selected, MVPs will be listed in the MVP Directory and receive the following during their tenure…. Marketing materials, internal demos, and sales toolkits”

      • KMorwath said

        You have a strange meaning of “criticism”, you’ve been an Embarcadero groupie for long time, and in fact you’re here blaming the victim, as usual. I can’t really see what threshold Jeroen criticism could have trespassed.
        Anyway, removing valuable resources who actually did a lot to help Delphi developers, won’t help Embarcadero at all.

        • rvelthuis said

          I don’t know what “threshold” Jeroen has tresspassed. I know nothing about the case at all.

          But people claiming that you are thrown off the MVP program (or off TeamB) for merely criticizing Embarcadero or its products are simply dead wrong. That is not the case.

          I have even told one of the main partners “in no unclear words” what I thought of him and his arrogant comments towards me, which raised quite some commotion and yet I wasn’t thrown off (and actually, that former partner really deserved it). Mere criticism is really not the reason people are thrown off.

          That is all I want to say. This is not related to Jeroen. I don’t know anything about his case.

      • Joseph Mitzen said

        ” Like I said, I have raised lots of criticism over the past 17 years”

        Rudy, no one else in Delphi-dom is known for defending the current decisions of those managing Delphi more than you. You can’t be serious about this. You even defended the PRO license database change.

        • rvelthuis said

          I have defended lots of things I found defendable and agreed with. But I have also criticized lots of things I found worthy of criticism. My criticism may not always have been very pubic, but there has been a lot. So yes, I am terribly serious about this. I have raised a lot of criticism, even if you may not always have seen it.

  8. Ondrej Kelle said

    Preventing constructive criticism means preventing improvement. It’s as simple as that. I’t very sad to lose your valuable contribution. And for such a ridiculous reason on top. I find it hard to accept. Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding which can be sorted out. I hope so. I wish you a nice holiday!

  9. rvelthuis said

    Aw, come on, there are many levels of “being critical”. I don’t know why you are not MVP anymore, but I have been a TeamB member for a long time and MVP for a while too and I have been critical often enough (both publicly and much more privately — although, when publicly, I did it in a polite manner while internally not always so). That is not the sole reason people are removed from a program like MVP (or TeamB), otherwise I would never have been asked to be a MVP. And yes, people are perhaps afraid to become MVP, but only because of posts like yours above.

  10. Christen Blom-Dahl said

    Criticism is the blood of science and progress. People that has taken this decission should keep this in mind. If not public, at least they should open internal channels to allow criticism to have effects in product development.

    • rvelthuis said

      There are internal channels and there is of course constructive criticism. They do listen.

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