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Is a raspberry pi 1 good enough for a pihole server? : pihole

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/10

Many people use it that way. Which means I can put it on an old Raspberry Pi B+ revision 1.2 board (which Wikipedia indicates as the B 1+ in the Specifications table but as Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ revision 1.2 in the schematics of connectors).

I might consider DietPi as distribution (which is Debian based) as it is even ligher.

See [WayBack

One more note: I need to check out which Debian base name (which indicates the version) works best as there seemed to be a dnsmasq issue (not archived because discourse hatesdislikes the WayBack machine and

Like Apple, Android and Delphi, they use name based versions of which I always forget the order of. Luckily the source of the below table gets updated over time [2017 Archive.is2018] Debian releases and names – Electric Toolbox Debian releases are named after characters from Toy Story and are frequently referred to with the name rather than the version.:

Version Code name Release date Toy Story character
1.1 Buzz 1996-06-17 Buzz Lightyear
1.2 Rex 1996-12-12 Rex (the T-Rex)
1.3 Bo 1997-06-05 Bo Peep
2.0 Hamm 1998-07-24 Hamm (the pig)
2.1 Slink 1999-03-09 Slinky Dog
2.2 Potato 2000-08-15 Mr Potato Head
3.0 Woody 2002-07-19 Woody the cowboy
3.1 Sarge 2005-06-06 Sarge from the Bucket O’ Soldiers
4.0 Etch 2007-04-08 Etch, the Etch-A-Sketch
5.0 Lenny 2009-02-14 Lenny, the binoculars
6.0 Squeeze 2011-02-06 Squeeze toy aliens
7 Wheezy 2013-05-04 Wheezy the penguin
8 Jessie 2015-04-26 Jessie the cowgirl
9 Stretch 2017-06-17 Rubber octopus from Toy Story 3
10 Buster not yet released Andy’s pet dog
11 Bullseye Not yet released Woody’s horse
Sid “unstable” The next door neighbour

Via: [WayBack] Software-update: Pi-hole 3.3.1 – IT Pro – Downloads – Tweakers


One Response to “Is a raspberry pi 1 good enough for a pihole server? : pihole”

  1. jpluimers said

    Via G+

    Wolfgang Rupprecht: Sounds like an experiment is called for. I suspect the biggest problem will be memory. Recursive DNS servers can easily use up the limited memory an rpi has. I normally run unbound on my machines themselves so memory is much more than the resolver needs. Just the other day I came across the unbound format file of advertising hostnames that is meant to be used to blackhole advertisers. I should try adding that to my config to see how well it works.

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