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Archive for July 4th, 2018

Visual Studio – Add File As Link

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/04

Since I forget where they hid the [WayBack] Visual Studio – Add File As Link feature, two images from the linked post:

  1. The icon in the link is different from the normal file:
  2. Adding as a link is  not a separate menu item, but a modification of the file open dialog overlaying the default Add button with two more options: Add; Add as Link (note Show Previous Versions is a feature of non-Home version of Windows Vista and up).
    Do not double click the file name, as that will add (AND COPY TO THE CURRENT PROJECT DIRECTORY !!!1!!!) that file to your current project.

A step by step instruction is at [WayBack] c# – Add File as a Link on Visual Studio – Debug vs Publish – Stack Overflow.


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Cool 10-thousand piece domino bricks based computer that can add numbers

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/04

Very cool video based on these logic gates made from domino bricks:

The 4-bit calculator worked.

The 5-bit was set-up failed in part. That conclusion is at around 19:00.

A post mortem is at around 20:00: the machine was setup sizing it too small so the timing was too tight and didn’t work out.


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Delphi – Viewing an array in the Watch Windows starting from a non-zero index

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/04

via [WayBack] Is it possible to range an arrays in Watches view to specific index range? Sometimes I work with arrays that contain 100Ks lines, and Watches limit the view to index 131071… – Mike Torrettinni – Google+

Reminder to check how well this works:

Given FInts: array of integer;

you can declare `TIntArray = array of integer;`

(I’m sure it exists somewhere already but couldn’t find it at the moment) and then watch, for example



PS: Uwe Raabe commented on G+:

Uwe Raabe+1

You can add a watch variable like arr[4711] and set the repeat count to a sensible value. Unfortunately this will give you a single line display which is not expandable.
“Allow expanding watch variable with repeat count > 1”

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