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Archive for July 19th, 2018

Some links for scaling and responsive resizing iframes

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/19

As I need both responsive resizing and zooming iframes one day:


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Delphi Community Edition available: good move for Embarcadero, but be careful how much revenue you make

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/19

On [WayBack] Delphi Community Edition available: – Uwe Raabe – Google+, the links to the [WayBackEULA, [WayBack] FAQ and [WayBack] Feature Matrix were shared.

In summary (read the G+ thread for more), the Delphi Community Edition is a web-installer of version 10.2.3 feature equivalent to the Delphi Professional Edition.

I think it is a good move to make Delphi more accessible to many more people.

A few restrictions apply, for instance there is also a C++ Builder Community Edition equivalent to the C++ Builder Professional edition, but you cannot install them on the same system at the time time.

Also, you cannot move around the command-line compiler to a different system (for instance a build-machine for Continuous Integration purposes).

The financial restriction that applies can be summarised as this: When the revenue you make during the year exceeds USD 5000 you have to stop using the Community Edition license.

Note that this is about revenue, not about income (which many define as “net of revenues and expenses”), and does not mention the revenue source, so watch this during the years you use the Community Edition.

Furthermore, Embarcadero indicates they collect information about your use of the Community Edition, but the [WayBack] privacy statement is not clear how.

All in all I hope this move attracts fresh people into the Delphi community.

The heise – the German flagship IT journal – likes it too: [WayBack] Delphi und C ++ Builder als Community Edition | heise Developer (via [WayBack] Some nice PR … Embarcadero-konfektioniert-Delphi-und-C-Builder-als-Community-Edition-4115563… – Roland Kossow – Google+)

Edit 20180927

Yes, Embarcadero is going after your employer if you register Delphi Community with a corporate email address.

See [WayBack] Embarcadero wants me to pay for a download. : legaladvice – Joseph Mitzen – Google+ and [WayBack] Embarcadero wants me to pay for a download. : legaladvice


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Generating a million sequential numbers on the fly in a Firebird query – some solutions and speed measurements

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/19

The testing was done with Firebird 2.5.x x86 on Windows 7 x64.

Where other relational database platforms have plenty of opportunities to generate sequences (see for instance the below links on Oracle and SQL Server), with Firebird you can use a WITH RECURSIVE query construct that normally is being used to manage tree structures ([WayBackPkLab – Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive CTE).

However, that uses query stack which has a depth limit of 1024 levels. When you reach the limit, Firebird gives you an error like this:

  sequence(n) as (        
    -- When you select more than 1024 values, this error occurs:
    -- Error while fetching data:  Too many concurrent executions of the same request    
    select 0 -- start
    from rdb$database
    union all
    select sequence.n + 1
    from sequence
    where sequence.n < 1023 -- finish
select sequence.n 
from sequence
--where sequence.n in (24, 38) 
order by sequence.n

It however is a pretty quick and CU bound solution: on my system ([WayBackAMD A8-7600 @ 3.1 Ghz), it runs 1000 records within ~0.1 seconds.

In such a short time, it’s hard to see how the speed is bound, so I wanted to go for some orders of magnitude more. In ~0.1 seconds, the processor executes about 0.3 * 10^9 cycles generating 1000 numbers which is ~ 300-thousand cycles per number. That sounds like a lot of cycles for so few numbers. Would this become a better ratio for more numbers?

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Agile &: Core Agile Practices

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/19

There is a lot of noise in the agility world. Choosing what practices your team does and why can be a tedious job. Each team is different and evolves over time, so you need to find the ones best fitting to your team and repeat that.

The [WayBackAgile &: Core Agile Practices post has done a pre-selection of practices that could work well for your team. Try them, test them out and find which work well as best practice for your team.

Via: [WayBack] Core Agile Practices – Marjan Venema – Google+


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