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Archive for July 26th, 2018

The Plastic equivalent of .gitignore is ignore.conf

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/26

A while ago, I landed a place using Plastic SCM, so I had to adopt some idiom from the git world.

The [WayBack] .gitignore equivalent in Pastic SCM is ignore.conf. Here are some links to documentation on it:

There is another file with a similar, but deceptively different name and behaviour: hidden_changes.conf. There ignore.conf ignores changes, hidden_changes.conf completely hides them. I am still not sure what subtleties are involved in the difference between “ignore” and “hide”, as the documentation is confusing and hidden_changes.conf can also appear in the root of a repository:

hidden_changes.conf Contains the paths of the controlled files to hide from the Pending changes view. The hidden changes are controlled items that can be changed but the user doesn’t want them to appear by default on the Pending changes view.

This config file is located in the plastic4 directory (under $HOME/.plastic4 on Linux/Mac systems or C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\plastic4 on Windows), in the root directory of the workspace, or in the plastic-global-config repository so that all clients have the same settings by default.

Learn about how to configure the hidden changes list.

ignore.conf Contains the paths of the private files to be ignored in the Pending changes view. The ignored files are files that you have no intention of placing under source control.

This config file is placed at the root directory of the workspace, or in the plastic-global-config repository so that all clients have the same settings by default.

Learn about how to configure the ignored list.

These configuration files are supported:

Important: These are the files that can be globally configured:

So I based mine on Tortoise SVN Global Ignore Pattern for Delphi and Visual Studio containing at least these:



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Quickly generate queries for all non-system tables in your database in Firebird or InterBase

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/26

Change at will:

  select 'select * from ' || r.rdb$relation_name as query
    from rdb$relations r
   where 1=1
     and r.rdb$system_flag <> 1 -- no system relations
     and r.rdb$view_source is null -- only tables
order by r.rdb$relation_name

For the EMPLOYEE demo database, this results in:

select * from COUNTRY
select * from CUSTOMER
select * from DEPARTMENT
select * from EMPLOYEE
select * from EMPLOYEE_PROJECT
select * from JOB
select * from PROJECT
select * from PROJ_DEPT_BUDGET
select * from SALARY_HISTORY
select * from SALES 


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Reminder to self: adopt the below code to do $(…) expansion like the Delphi IDE does

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/26

The below code expands %…% for environment variables and $(…) for CSIDL values.

Someday I will find time to convert it to something that does expansion like the $(…) one from the Delphi IDE.

  • ConfigExpanderUnit
  • CSIDLsUnit



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