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Archive for July 10th, 2018

MSSQL: finding column names

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/10

This small query gives you the tables, views and columns having characters likely not translating directly to ORM identifiers because they contain other characters than a-zA-Z0-9:

select *
where 1=0
or c.TABLE_NAME LIKE '%[^a-zA-Z0-9_]%'
or c.COLUMN_NAME LIKE '%[^a-zA-Z0-9_]%'

The view [WayBack] COLUMNS (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs¬†in the … has been around since at least SQL Server 2000, so this is a pretty safe method for finding those columns.

As a bonus, I learned that SQL Server supports a subset of regular expression matches in like also since at least SQL Server 2000: LIKE.

Via [WayBack] SQL Server 2008 query to find rows containing non-alphanumeric characters in a column РStack Overflow.



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Professional techniques for C# – Lecture Notes Parts 1..4 of 4 – CodeProject

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/10

If you’re new to C#, below¬†is a good series of articles to get started.

Even if you’re not so new, there are quite some interesting bits to learn from them:

  1. [WayBack] An advanced introduction to C# РLecture Notes Part 1 of 4 РCodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. The right development environment
    3. Basic concepts
    4. Namespaces
    5. Data types and operators
    6. Reference and value types
    7. Control flow
    8. Object-oriented programming
    9. Inheritance and polymorphism
    10. Access modifiers
    11. Properties
    12. The constructor
    13. Abstract classes and interfaces
    14. Exception handling
    15. Outlook
    16. Other Articles in this Series
    17. References
    18. History
  2. [WayBack] Mastering C# РLecture Notes Part 2 of 4 РCodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. Enumerations
    3. Delegates
    4. Auto-generated properties
    5. Generic types
    6. Generic methods
    7. Constraints
    8. Lambda expressions
    9. Anonymous objects & inferring types
    10. Extension methods
    11. LINQ
    12. Windows Forms development
    13. Custom drawing in Windows Forms
    14. Outlook
    15. Other Articles in this Series
    16. References
    17. History
  3. [WayBack] Advanced programming with C# РLecture Notes Part 3 of 4 РCodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. Events
    3. The .NET standard event pattern
    4. Reflection
    5. Dynamic Types
    6. Accessing the file system
    7. Streams
    8. Threads
    9. Thread-communication
    10. The Task Parallel Library
    11. Tasks and threads
    12. Awaiting async methods
    13. Outlook
    14. Other Articles in this Series
    15. References
    16. History
  4. [WayBack] Professional techniques for C# РLecture Notes Part 4 of 4 РCodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. More control on events
    3. Overloading operators
    4. The yield statement
    5. Iterators
    6. Understanding co- and contra-variance
    7. Using attributes effectively
    8. Elegant binding
    9. Unsafe code
    10. Communication between native and managed code
    11. Effective C#
    12. Outlook
    13. Other Articles in this Series
    14. References
    15. History



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IoT & Smart Location of Things – Google Maps, Google Cloud

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/10

#IoT + Google Maps Geocoding API

Convert between addresses & geographic coordinates to determine the location of devices relative to known addresses

Source: [WayBack] IoT & Smart Location of Things РGoogle Maps, Google Cloud

Via: [WayBack] Google Maps API РGoogle+


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