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Delphi – Viewing an array in the Watch Windows starting from a non-zero index

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/04

via [WayBack] Is it possible to range an arrays in Watches view to specific index range? Sometimes I work with arrays that contain 100Ks lines, and Watches limit the view to index 131071… – Mike Torrettinni – Google+

Reminder to check how well this works:

Given FInts: array of integer;

you can declare `TIntArray = array of integer;`

(I’m sure it exists somewhere already but couldn’t find it at the moment) and then watch, for example



PS: Uwe Raabe commented on G+:

Uwe Raabe+1

You can add a watch variable like arr[4711] and set the repeat count to a sensible value. Unfortunately this will give you a single line display which is not expandable.
“Allow expanding watch variable with repeat count > 1”

One Response to “Delphi – Viewing an array in the Watch Windows starting from a non-zero index”

  1. Arnaud Bouchez said

    I think FInt[15000],100 is much simpler.

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