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Detecting if a debugger is present is different from detecting if an IDE is present.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/04

I have seen this happen in various environments: people wanting to detect if their debugger is present, but trying to detect their IDE, or vice versa.

Similar reasoning is for detecting for being running on a console, or your project having been built to run on a console.

People use these decisions, for instance to determine if their application should behave as a service, or as a regular process.

Ways to determine the various permutation points:

  • Running inside a debugger: use the [WayBackIsDebuggerPresent function (which can be true, even if Delphi DebugHook stays zero).
  • Check for the IDE: tricky; as IDEs have different behaviour over time. For Delphi, check for any TAppBuilder Window class with the [WayBack] FindWindow function.
  • Compiled for console: for Delphi check IsConsole, for .NET I could not find good information.
  • Running on a console: check if you can allocate a handle to stdout
  • Running as a service: check the hosting assembly or hosting process

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