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Archive for December 19th, 2019

Examining Cross-functionality Bias on Software Development Teams | AgileConnection

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/19

Cross-functionality means having all the necessary people and skills on one self-organizing team. Unfortunately, the execution of cross-functionality is often biased. The main traps we fall into are misunderstanding the value of specialization, hero worship, and not “walking the cross-functional talk” as organizations. Let’s examine each of these pitfalls in the hope that your teams may avoid them.

Worthy tread at [WayBack] Examining Cross-functionality Bias on Software Development Teams | AgileConnection

Via: [WayBack] “Cross-functionality is much more than developers and testers working together. It goes against the biases we have of our personal and professional silos… – Marjan Venema – Google+


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“A primary cause of complexity is that software vendors uncritically adopt almost any feature that users want.” – Niklaus Wirth

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/19

These quotes remind me so much of a project from a while ago I rolled into and forgot to ask them if they not just nodded “yes” when I asked them “do you understand de concept of technical debt”?


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Delphi: 2 things to check when FMX/VCL units are inserted when you use VCL/FMX components

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/19

On G+Tom Field bumped in the [WayBack] issue that the IDE would add VCL units to the uses list when putting FMX controls on a form.

I’ve observed it the other way around as well, and there are two things you need to check:


David Nottage:

It has to do with whether there’s {$R *.fmx} or {$R *.dfm} in the unit. You may be able to get away with renaming the .dfm file to .fmx, and changing the directive in the unit.

Jeroen Wiert Pluimers:

 Your .dproj file tells you what kind of application it is (FMX or VCL) in the FrameworkType element and the IDE should respond to that correctly.


Source: [WayBackIn the Berlin Update 2 IDE. I’m working on a multi-device app I’m creating. …

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