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Archive for December 25th, 2019

Delphi 10.1.2 Berlin: after ….

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/25

For my archive: [WayBack] Bummer, a big showstopper with Berlin 10.1.2: an object with an indexed property getter crashes the debugger! Please +Marco Cantù we need a fix for this… – André Mussche – Google+

When debugging and adding a watch on a property:

  1. ‘Function to be called, xxxx, was eliminated by linker’
  2. ‘Assertion failure: “!e32->evalArgs.evalFCallPending”
    in ..\win32src\proc32.cpp at line 1830’

It was fixed in 10.2 Tokyo: [RSP-16522] property getters with index can’t be viewed in the debugger and crashes! – Embarcadero Technologies


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Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/25

For my link archive: [] Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder.

Be sure to read the whole article there as the explanation of the initial algorithm is important and final algorithm is towards the end.

The foundation is a state machine combined with a lookup table to find the initial state and proceed to subsequent states.

Related (and reminder to check what David did):


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