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Archive for December 9th, 2019

Not sure why: ChromeCast on Harman Kardon BDS 580 series to Samsung MU6100 gives greenish tint

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/09

I had a problem similar to [] MX613ST Color space conversion issue (detects YUV instead of RGB) – Google Product Forums.

In my case I had a Chromecast 1st generation connected to a [WayBackHarman Kardon BDS 580, which was hooked up to a [WayBackSamsung MU6100 TV.

Everything, especially the white and grey areas, had a greenish tint over it, and I think there was also a purple mismatch.

I think it has to do with YUV versus RGB, similar to [WayBack] Force RGB Color Space over HDMI? – Apple Community.

Though I did not notice that with an Apple TV 4th generation (which you can switch between YCbCr/RGB-High/RGB-Low) hooked up to the same BDS 580.

The solution: plug the Chromecast in the TV, then the ARC (Audio Return Channel) will automatically route the audio to the BDS 580.


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Digitally Free: Censor An Image In GIMP

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/09

I used the tips at [Archive.isDigitally Free: Censor An Image In GIMP to ensure some sensitive information was redacted from a picture I published on the internet.

dfree got much further than I needed, so I stayed at a Gaussian Blur with an 80 pixel radius which was more than enough to blur out a few rectangular areas but still show the user-experience of the underlying controls.


Source: Digitally Free: Censor An Image In GIMP

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The Secret of Great Gradient – UX Planet

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/09

Gradients work best when “Inspired by Nature”, even if you live in the city.


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