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Archive for the ‘4K Monitor’ Category

Reminder to self: not all 4K displays are equal at HDMI: watch the HDMI version they support.

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/17

Experience from a friend:

The cause is that the Samsung only does 60Hz on DisplayPort because they do not support HDMI 2.0.


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Samsung C27F390FHU Zwart – Kenmerken – Tweakers

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/25

Bumped into a place where the only external monitor was a [WayBack] Samsung C27F390FHU Zwart – Kenmerken – Tweakers

Dislike because:

  • only 1920×1080 at 27 inch
  • only HDMI and analog inputs
  • cannot adjust height, so as a dual screen with a 15 inch MacBook it is meh
  • the curve distorts horizontal lines in a way your eyes will not compensate for

Images from [WayBackSamsung C27F390 27-Inch Curved LED Monitor – HDMI, VGA: Computers & Accessories below the fold.

Higher resolutions – not just 4K – have been readily available since before this monitor was introduced march 2016 [WayBack] Samsung unveils new CF591 and CF390 curved monitors



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4K/5K monitors: when your RDP session has small black bands limiting the height/width to 2048/4096 pixels

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/29

Sometimes RDP limits you to 2048 pixels vertical (or 4096 pixels horizontal)

Sometimes RDP limits you to 2048 pixels vertical (or 4096 pixels horizontal)

Just found out why on some Windows versions, the RDP sessions form my 4K monitor has some small black bands on top/bottom: older versions of Windows limit their RDP server to 4096 x 2048.

A 4K monitor will not hit the width limit (as 4K cheats: it is usually “just” 3840 pixels wide), but it does hit the height limitation (2160 is slightly more than 2048: you miss 112 pixels that show as two small black bands).

A 5K monitor is worse: it will hit both limits (5K does not cheat: at 5120 × 2880 it is exactly 5*1024 pixels wide) so you miss 124 pixels horizontally and a whopping 832 pixels vertically.

Don’t buy a 5K monitor yet if you do a lot of RDP work to older Windows versions.

The link below has a table listing various Windows versions, but it omits end-of-life versions so I’ve done some testing: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 share the same limitations as Windows Server 2008 most likely because their latest service packs share the same RDP 6.1 version.

I updated this in the table:

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