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Archive for the ‘Home Audio/Video’ Category

A few ways to reset a Samsung MU6100 55″ TV

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/02/18

Some interesting tidbits to reset a UE55MU6100 or similar TV from [Wayback/] We have a 2 week old Samsung mu6100 55″ tv which up until an:

  • Soft reset: Unplug the TV from the wall, hold down the power button on the rear of the TV for 10 seconds, then plug it back in and turn it on.
    • The power button is on the backside : it’s the middle part of the 4-arrow-button.
  • Factory reset: power off the TV, and hold down up, down and power buttons together for about 10 seconds, then releasing them when the Samsung Logo shows up.
  • Reset to engineer menu: put the TV in standby, then press the info, menu, mute and power buttons on the remote


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Better disconnect your Samsung TVs from the internet, as they can remotely disable them for whatever reason they see fit

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/25

Oh nice: [Wayback/] Samsung can remotely disable their TVs worldwide using TV Block.

This means:

Disconnected, any apps needing internet connection won’t run.

Those apps usually work more reliable on an Apple TV or similar device that plays over HDMI anyway.

In addition, it will also prevent Samsung to show adds on your TV.

So disconnecting it is a win-win-win situation.


Note: you could already block apps and adds, see:

Maybe those blocks also block blocking.


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Not sure why: ChromeCast on Harman Kardon BDS 580 series to Samsung MU6100 gives greenish tint

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/09

I had a problem similar to [] MX613ST Color space conversion issue (detects YUV instead of RGB) – Google Product Forums.

In my case I had a Chromecast 1st generation connected to a [WayBackHarman Kardon BDS 580, which was hooked up to a [WayBackSamsung MU6100 TV.

Everything, especially the white and grey areas, had a greenish tint over it, and I think there was also a purple mismatch.

I think it has to do with YUV versus RGB, similar to [WayBack] Force RGB Color Space over HDMI? – Apple Community.

Though I did not notice that with an Apple TV 4th generation (which you can switch between YCbCr/RGB-High/RGB-Low) hooked up to the same BDS 580.

The solution: plug the Chromecast in the TV, then the ARC (Audio Return Channel) will automatically route the audio to the BDS 580.


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E46 radio Siemens VDO Business CD – aux tutorial, complete description

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/06

No AUX possibility:

AUX possibility:

For the Alpine and VDO models, also check the below tables that I copied from those pages:

Siemens VDO:

Date / Model number letters <= 10-2002 > 10-2002 to 07-2004 > 07-2004


Last three digits of part number: 241, 711, 072, 963 902, 903, 505, 506 429, 430, 215
  features: CD CD, AUX CD, AUX, CD MP3

Further reading: [WayBack] Guide to Buying E46 BMW Business CD53 Alpine Radios that play MP3 Data CDs!


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Basically, all Harman Kardon amplifiers (including subwoofers) show power supply issues after a few years

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/26

Experienced first hand myself, all my Harman Kardon amplifier equipment (including subwoofer) have shown power supply issues after about 2 years of use.

Signs are devices not powering up any more, giving only a limited amount of power (for instance a subwoofer only blinking the power led), or intermittent shutdown failure (more often when it is warmer than 22 degrees Celsius).

There are companies making a living of just these power repairs (for instance who git all my defective equipment to work again for about EUR 100 per device: [WayBack] Harman Kardon –

This is how you remove the power supplies:

The biggest issues are failing capacitors, and glue becoming conductive.

Related blog posts:

Some videos below the fold.


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