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Archive for February, 2020

Redirect Detective – A Free Tool To Trace Where Redirects End Up

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/27

Cool tool, but be aware it does aJavaScript:xmlhttpPost from , so your data can be logged [WayBackRedirect Detective – A Free Tool To Trace Where Redirects End Up.

For, it shows these redirects (where in bold I’ve listed the changes):

Oh and it runs this call: JavaScript:xmlhttpPost("/linkdetect.px")? from [

Note that this shows more redirects than the plain http ones, so wget from [WayBack] wget – How do I display all URLs in a redirect chain? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange shows this:

$ wget 2>&1 | grep Location:
Location: [following]
Location: [following]


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emulation – How to safely remove/uninstall Android Virtual Device .img files added by Visual Studio Emulator for Android – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/26

Me at [WayBack] emulation – How to safely remove/uninstall Android Virtual Device .img files added by Visual Studio Emulator for Android – Stack Overflow:

Since after uninstalling the “Visual Studio Emulator for Android” component, you cannot get to the “AVD Manager” any more, you have to manually delete this directory:


This works for both Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2015.

In addition, you might want to run “AppWiz.cpl“, then remove “Android SDK Tools”, which is also not automatically removed by the Visual Studio installer (at least not in Visual Studio 2015).

This will get rid of the multi-gigabyte folder %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Android\android-sdk\

If you still need Android emulation, read these:


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What is the easiest way of getting Delphi to accept a newly added file as a frame and to treat it as such? – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/26

As this is still an issue with current Delphi versions: every now and then it looses which designers are needed for a frame:

[WayBack] What is the easiest way of getting Delphi to accept a newly added file as a frame and to treat it as such? – Stack Overflow (by Brian Frost)

<DCCReference Include="x\y\z\myFrame.pas">

Then check your .dfm file to see if it starts with the correct inherited or object as per Delphi – TInterfacedDataModule revisted – use ‘inherited’ in your .dfm files when your datamodules look like forms in the designer.

Oh and at design time, be very careful embedding frames. Better not to do it at all and for certain: do not embed frames in a nested way: [WayBack] Frames in 10.2.2 Hi Has anyone else had issues with frames under 10.2.2? The project seems to have lost its links to the frames? If I went to the Too… – Vince Bartlett – Google+


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Not all XSD mappings to programming language constructs are possible

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/26

This post is a reminder to myself that not all mappings from XSD to programming languages are possible.

There are many impossible cases, so this is just a general reminder.

A Delphi specific case for instance is the mapping of enumerations: one reason is that XSD enumerations are case sensitive, but the Delphi language is not: [WayBackUsing XML Enumerations with Delphi XML Data Binding Wizard – Stack Overflow.

More generic examples from my answer to the above question:

  • In XSD you can derive from an existing type in two ways: extending it and limiting it. Object Oriented languages only allow you extend when deriving.
  • Delphi is not alone in these kinds of limitations. Generating wrappers from XSD schema’s is the field of specialized tools, even in the Java or .NET world.

I’ve seen horrible things with wildcards that are sort of mappable to Java, but not to C#. This could likely go on for much longer…


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Delphi Conference 2018 –

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/25

I missed this one, so I was glad I archived it because I was curious for Daan van der Werf – Delphi op de werkvloer “Groothandel & Magazijn”.

So here it is: [WayBack] Delphi Conference 2018 –, with fixed and archived links where possible.

Presentations and code from the Delphi Conference 2018


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