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I really wish people reporting bugs provide more factual details, especially when asked for

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/15

Basically the below thread goes like this: [WayBack] GExperts / Bugs / #92 Grep cannot handle UTF-16 and UTF-32 pas files

  1. There is a bug in UTF-16 and UTF-32 handling in your tool when running under AAA, but  not when running your tool under BBB; these files fail: xxx.txt  and yyy.txt
  2. Which version of our tool did you run under AAA and which version of our tool did you run under BBB
  3. It fails with your tool when running under AAA , but succeeds under BBB
  4. Repeat at step 2 until you fall asleep.

Part of the [WayBack] Short, Self Contained, Correct Example are indeed in it, but without more details it is hard to reproduce.

So without the reporter providing those details, nobody, especially not on open source projects, is going to fix it just on that bug report.

Via: [WayBack] It’s time for a gift to all Delphi developers, a new Release of GExperts. Happy Holidays! (But do spend some time with your family rather than testing G… – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+

Which highlights another conceptual problem from the same bug reporter: expecting a new version to have a regression of all open bugs against the new version.

That’s not how the world works, if it has ever worked that way. If your issue is not mentioned in any release notes, then assume nothing happened. If you want to bump it up, then provide more details.


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