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Archive for May 19th, 2021

PlasticSCM ignore.conf: globally ignoring certain file types, but allowing them recursively in a subdirectory

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/19

I needed this for a project there 3rdParty libraries could have .dcu and .obj files (to either speed up building, or because not all source code was supplied), but those files should not be present nowhere else in the repository.

This is an ignore.conf template for that:



The ! exclamation mark undoes the ignore according to the pattern following it.

Note the starting slashes after the !: they indicate the root directory of the repository and are mandatory.

Based on (warning, the JavaScript on these pages are extremely CPU intensive!):


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Small batch file wrapper around PowerShell to uniquely sort file based content

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/19

From my batch file library; note this PowerShell wrapper does not support stdin, but that is OK for me.

For Windows 10 and up, sort /unique works too and supports stdin.

:: note: does not work on stdin, unliqke sort which does support standard input
PowerShell Get-Content %1 ^| Sort-Object ^| Get-Unique
:: note that for Windoww 10 and up, there is a sort /unique switch, but Windows versions below it do not.



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Much Turbo Pascal history (via What is a Delphi DCU file? – Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/19

Editing [WayBack] What is a Delphi DCU file? – Stack Overflow for more historic correctness and adding links prompted me to archive some older material and search for some more, basically because while historically very relevant, link rot makes a lot of that stuff harder and harder to find.

The legendary full page colour advert published in the 12th 1983 issue of Byte Magazine on page 456 is at the bottom of this post (Many BYTE magaine issues have been archived at

The smaller version below is from WayBack: Sip from the Firehose : November 2008 marks the 25th anniversary of Turbo Pascal v1.0! (this article is not available on the Embarcadero or Idera site any more).

I also included more adverts in reverse chronological order at the end:

The last two via [WayBack] Software for the Ampro Little Board.


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